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    Sulte Group
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    November 10, 2023

Position Details

Are you passionate about closing tough deals and landing new logos? Can you flood a pipeline with profitable new business opportunities? Do you live and breathe to up-sell and cross-sell? If this sounds like you, let's talk.

We are looking for high-performance, strategic, fractional Heads of Sales to advise mid-stage SaaS companies on a contract basis. The ideal candidate has a wealth of experience as a sales leader at a mid-market or large organization. We are looking for individuals who are at a point in their career, where they have the flexibility and bandwidth to solve sales challenges for companies as a strategic sales advisor/coach. In this role, you will:

  • Complete an end-to-end sales opportunity assessment for clients.
  • Develop a comprehensive data-driven sales strategy for businesses.
  • Create detailed battle cards and develop the prospecting strategy for companies.
  • Develop innovative outreach strategies for sales teams.
  • Analyze the client's pipeline and identify new opportunities. Develop and execute strategies to effectively and efficiently drive new pipeline.
  • Hire and train new SDRs or BDRs. Develop scripts, objection protocol, and follow up strategies for staff.
  • Serve as a thought partner and leader to help clients reduce the time from prospect to "deal won."
  • Set up or optimize platforms like Salesforce, Chilipiper, etc. to be effective for sales teams.
  • Attend sales meetings with clients and deploy strategies to close deals.

Preferred Experience and Education

  • 7-10+ years of experience in sales leadership and management
  • Marketing leadership experience at a $5M+ company
  • Data-driven with a wealth of analytics and sales intelligence experience
  • Knowledge of pipeline management platforms, inbound/outbound call management platforms, and performance tracking platforms.
  • Significant experience developing and implementing sales strategies that increase revenue and drive profitable deals.
  • Experience working with clients (agency experience is a plus)
  • MBA with a focus on sales strategy is a plus
  • Must be able to work independently in a remote position

This is a contract, remote position with an agency. Please only apply if you are interested in contract/freelance work.


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