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    PEN Consultants, LLC
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    November 15, 2023

Position Details

Job Summary

We are looking for highly qualified sales leads/referrals. There will be no need for the sales agent to worry about contracts and closing the deal.

No base salary will be provided. Agents will receive 10% commission for referrals/leads + $2,500 (USD) bonus for each quarter in excess of $100,000 (USD) in new sales. All commissions/bonuses are paid on closed contracts from your initial sales lead and paid at time of invoice. We offer residual commissions on all invoices within the first year from the initial sales lead.

The number of system and data breaches increases every year. Periodic security testing is one of the most cited pillars of a good security program to defend against such breaches. The demand for this service is already high, and it is rapidly growing. Since PEN Consultants handles “closing the deal,” sales agents can move quickly onto the next lead. As a startup, we are looking for trusted sales partners who will embrace our core values and grow with us.


We are looking for highly qualified sales leads/referrals, nothing more. This means that an agent’s job is complete when they pass the lead/referral on to us. It’s as simple as that!


Candidate MUST reside in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Thailand, Tonga, United Kingdom, or the United States.

The ideal candidate will be one who has an established sales process and portfolio of companies and services in which they are actively selling to an existing network of clients, or one who is starting to build this out. Given the current volume of our new sales, it may be difficult to make a living off of a sales commission from us alone.

Without question, a sales agent must have a good, general understanding of the technology field and lingo, as well as the ability to quickly learn the specific lingo used in the information and cybersecurity testing area of this field. Ideally, the sales agent would already have some level of knowledge about services, such as “penetration testing” and “red teaming,” even if it’s a quick-study before an initial phone call with us.

From our experience in working with other sales agents, and based on some ambiguity in the market with these terms, it is vital that terminology used during the sales process is consistent with what we have documented on our website and blog. One of the things that sets us apart from other firms is our strict adherence to precise definitions and our transparency with our clients in what service we are selling them. As an example, less than reputable, larger vendors are known to sell vulnerability scanning and assessment services as penetration testing. As such, it is imperative that a sales agent understand these differences so a client is not misled.


PEN Consultants will provide the sales agent with the training and knowledge needed to sell our services and provide estimated pricing (which is already published publicly). Although not required, we would encourage a sales agent to stay engaged (as an observer) throughout the scoping and contract phases, as the level of detail covered in those phases would likely help one to understand our services better.

To date, our training and support has been adhoc/as-needed. The sales agents we have interacted with have a general knowledge of the services and are already highly experienced sales agents in their own right. With that said, we will provide any reasonable amount of training that a sales agent sees fit. Our view is, if you succeed, we succeed.

We would like to have a recurring monthly chat with the sales agent, even if things are going great, to ensure we are providing everything possible to make the sales agent successful.

We would also appreciate a sales agent who is (politely) forthright with feedback to us about our processes, marketing, etc. Help us help you. If our messaging, at any stage, needs tweaking or changing in order to make your job easier, we want to know.

Our Services

PEN Consultants provides the most competitively priced information and cybersecurity testing services on the market to help find weaknesses in clients’ systems before the criminals do. Some of our services include network and web app vulnerability scanning and assessments, penetration testing, red teaming, social engineering and phishing assessments, etc. - all of which are instrumental in protecting organizations against prevailing breaches and meet testing requirements found in various compliance regulations (PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC, etc.).

By mimicking the actions of a hacker, we can uncover potential attack vectors (vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, detection gaps, etc.) that would greatly damage an organization by compromising their systems and data. But, unlike a hacker, we will perform the attacks with great care, in order to maintain confidentiality/integrity/availability of the data and systems, and provide an actionable plan for the client to protect their systems and data.

See our full profile and website for more details.

What we are looking for

We are looking for highly qualified sales leads/referrals. The target goal is about five solid introductions per month, not dozens/hundreds of semi-interested leads.

We need sales agents who not only understand the benefits of security testing, but agents who can also educate a prospective client on the need for our testing services. Sales agents will need to match our services to client needs, provide prospective clients with estimated pricing, and then engage PEN Consultants for the scoping and contract phases. Because of the level of detail that goes into the scoping phase of a custom tailored engagement, there will be no need for a sales agent to worry about contracts and closing the deal - we will take over the lead and the sales agent can move on to the next lead.

Target Industries

In short, our services are applicable to nearly every industry and every organization size. Those listed below are the typical/common industries that have requested our services.

Some industries have regulatory and compliance requirements for our services, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC, etc. Specific testing includes banking applications and networks, technology solutions (SaaS and PaaS), healthcare applications and networks, corporate networks of higher education, humanitarian organizations, law firms, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transportation, gaming, etc. Beyond governmental regulatory requirements, there are an increasing number of clients who are compelled by their customers to perform a certain level of testing and provide attestation.

More mature organizations have internal mandates and policies to hire outside testing firms to test the effectiveness of not only their prevention defenses, but also their detection and response capabilities. This gets more into the red teaming services we offer which would likely be beyond the scope and budget of smaller organizations. With that said, there is an increased focus on red teaming in the industry, and as such, smaller organizations are starting to budget for these services.

Target Job Titles

Example job titles of those that would be interested in, and understand the general need for our services, would include the following. It would also include those that work under/report to these positions. These are approximately in order of commonality:

  • CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)
  • CIO (Chief IT|Information Officer)
  • CSO (Chief Security Officer)
  • CTO (Chief Technology Officer)
  • VP|Director|Chief of Information Technology|Security|Assurance
  • VP|Director|Chief of Vulnerability Management
  • VP|Director|Chief of Cyber Risk Management
  • VP|Director|Chief of Internal Audit

Job Type: Contract

Pay: $1.00 - $100,000.00 per year


  • Flexible schedule
  • Work from home

Supplemental pay types:

  • Bonus opportunities
  • Commission pay

People with a criminal record are encouraged to apply

Application Question(s):

  • How many years of experience do you have selling IT services?
  • What Bible verse do we use with our slogan "Rock Solid Security?"
  • How many core values do we have?
  • What is your familiarization with IT, cybersecurity, and Penetration testing?
  • What specifically have you sold in the past?
  • Are you comfortable working under a 1099 arrangement, with no traditional benefits.
  • Are you able to maintain professional conduct at all times while engaging clients? Including, but not limited to: discriminatory comments, harassment, cursing, being uncooperative, disrespectful, unlawful activity, being under the influence of any “mind-altering substance” (ex. alcohol, illicit drugs, certain prescription drugs, etc.), etc. during sales calls.
  • Do you reside in one of the “must reside in” countries listed in the job description?

Work Location: Remote

Company Details

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