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Part Time, Flexible SaaS Sales Reps for Hire

Job Role:
Full Cycle Sales (AE)
Job Type:
Job Description:
Business Development Reps (BDRs) are responsible for outbound lead prospecting
Sales Development Reps (SDRs) are responsible for inbound lead qualification
Full Cycle Sales (Account Executives, or AEs) are responsible for Closed Deals
I am a highly trained and versatile sales professional with over 6 years of experience in sales wholesale sector.
Current Position: 
GPS Tracking Officer
Lagos, Nigeria
Years of Experience:
Sales Tech Stack:
Salesforce, Hubspot, Crunchbase, Getlatka, and LinkedIn
Sales Awards:
Key Sales Clients:
Sterling Bank PLC, Bevick Integrated Technologies Ltd, Eyusco Pharmacy
1099 or W2?
Open to 1099 Only
Compensation Requirements:
Base and Commission
SaaS Market Experience:
Construction Management
I am a highly trained and versatile sales professional with over 6 years of experience in sales wholesale sector. I started my career as a sales representative in a Pharmacy selling pharmaceutical products to clinics and hospitals, then was a direct sales executive in a bank selling bank products, and last 3 years I am responsible for coordinating sales with a team of 6 for a Water treatment and packaging machines company. Actively making sure we as a team hit our quota in a month by ensuring constant sales in Lagos state, Nigeria. Now as a SaaS sales professional, my experience in sales in my early career, I.T services, and as well as intensive SaaS sales training I have taken part in an extended period of time, have helped me to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to function elegantly in a SaaS/Tech Sales role, selling solutions to B2B companies. I'm confident that my understanding of customers, their needs, challenges, and pain points will allow me to identify how a company's products can provide solutions. I would love to collaborate with Fintech, IoT, transportation, logistics, and supply chain companies who has a good SaaS solution to offer to the world.

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