I'm a content writer & strategist with more than 6 years of experience in content marketing and writing online. I craft valuable, conversion-focused content for SaaS and other B2B companies—enabling you to turn readers into leads and leads into revenue. To date, I've worked with companies like Databox, Zapier, Hotjar, and Shopify, among others

Individual Writer
Starting Budget Range:
Medium ($250-$2,500)
Project pricing-My rates work on a per project basis. That means I don't quote or work hourly./ Services-Blog posts start at $1000 (for up to ~1,500 words) and go up based on depth and research requirements./Long-form lead gen content- starts at $2500 and is quoted case-by-case based on word count, depth, and research. This includes whitepapers, ebooks, guides, and whatever else you like to call them./Note: I have a minimum engagement rate of $1000—if your budget is less than that, it’s probably not a fit