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Venkat Raman

SDR | Tech Sales | Cessna Pilot
Years Experience:
SaaS Markets:
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Tom Tran APAC BDR AE Services

APAC based, BDR and AE Services
Years Experience:
SaaS Markets:
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Who is this guide for?

Founders, CEOs, and Business Decision makers at B2B SaaS companies that are considering outsourcing or hiring dedicated sales help and expertise to help grow with limited risk/up front investment.

What companies are included in the Guide?

This guide focuses on full service, end to end outsourced B2B Sales (and sometimes marketing) help. Under this scenario you are essentially hiring a dedicated rep (perhaps part time) or sales agency. This does not cover stand alone appointment setting, BDR as a Service, lead gen, content, data, tools, etc. Some of those are used and may be a part of the services offered. This guide is also not SaaS specific (there are only a few companies that focus on B2B Outsourced SaaS sales).