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Services Strategy and Setup Strategy and Setup - Get Expert Advice and Guidance in Setting Up an Automated Cold Outreach Lead Engine Powered by is a great choice for implementing an outbound motion for B2B SaaS and startups. is an all-in-one tool that can be used to build lists, create sequences, automate and execute multi-channel, account based outreach programs and generate a pipeline of warm leads. has integrations with most major CRMs (Hubspot, SFDC), LinkedIn, GMail, etc. will work with you to understand your business, ICPs, competitors, messaging, etc and then partner with you to setup up a strategic and automated outbound engine using

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Building Lists - Companies to target and contacts within them

Targeting the right Accounts (Account Based Marketing approach) is the critical first step to any outbound efforts. Depending on your ICPs, targeting options beyond the usual demographic (company size, industry, etc.) might include:

  • Companies hiring for specific roles
  • Companies growing X% YoY
  • Intent Data (Leadsift, Bombora) to identify in market accounts researching specific solutions
  • Companies with a certain # of employees in a department
  • Technographic data (certain technologies installed)
  • Job change data
  • Lookalike accounts to your current customers/wins

Building Personas

An Account Based Prospecting approach can identify the different personas at your target accounts and surround the account with personalized and appropriate messaging and content offers.

Building Sequences

Setup and A/B Test campaigns based on segmented lists. Apollo's custom variables and if/then logic can be used to create highly personalized messaging based on contact and account data.

Setting up and managing Domains for Cold Email Outreach

There are several steps to take to protect your main domain and maximize email deliverability and response rates. See Cold Email Best Practices for SaaS Companies for more details.

Use Intent Data to Target In Market Accounts

At any one time, roughly 15% of the accounts in your ICP may actually be in market and researching options. Other accounts may have a solution in place, outside of budget and planning cycles, other priorities, etc. See How to Use Intent Data to Book Demos with for a more detailed approach on using intent data sources to identify the right accounts at the right time and market to them. Integrations

Setup Bi-directional synch with CRMs (Hubspot, Salesforce), data sources, and other sales and marketing tools. Custom contact and account stages can be helpful to make the tech stack work together.

Building Plays "Plays" can automate many actions in your outbound setup.

Examples of ways we've used Plays for B2B SaaS clients:

-Connect with Dealfront (Leadfeeder) to identify accounts that visit your website, automatically find the right contacts at those accounts that match your buyer persona(s), add them to targeted, outbound personalized email sequences. See How To Identify B2B Website Visitors for Sales Follow Up for more details.

-Connect with Bombora or Leadsift Intent Data to identify net new accounts that are researching topics related to your company's software and services, identify and add those decision makers to email sequences.

Build Account and Contact Scoring Models

All of the Account and Contact targeting options above can be used in Apollo to automatically identify Accounts and Contacts that are excellent fits to target, on an ongoing basis.

Example - in this instance NetApp is an excellent account account to target because they have visited specific high value website pages (Dealfront data), have shown intent (G2 third party data), are hiring for a key role, and meet other demographic filters that match the ICP. The plays will automatically find the right contacts at this account based on our personas and add them to an outbound sequence:

Layering in Outsourced SDR (cold calling) services to support outbound efforts

Don't have in house SDRs or BDRs to follow up and nurture some of the warm leads and initial interest Apollo is producing? Consider adding Outsourced SDR and BDR Services. Setup Pricing

Initial Setup Phase - Two months, $2,000/mo

Monthly maintenance/ongoing support - $500/mo

What We Can Provide:

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Case Studies: for Growing SaaS Startups

How the Process Works


Provide us an email address

You provide us access to a temporary corporate email address from your domain - required by some providers to prove ownership (it can be generic like ''). We only use this email address for the purpose of submitting/editing/approving listings. You can delete it afterwards if needed or change the password later if you want to keep that as a separate inbox for listings communications.


Fill out our form once with your product and company details

Fill out the form once with your full company and product info data (screenshots, pricing, videos, etc) and choose which directories to submit to. Some fields are optional and can be left blank. We'll pull any additional info needed from your website to complete the submissions without a lot of back and forth or asking minor questions. The goal is to get the listings published and links from the directories up and running. You always maintain full ownership of the listings per each site's TOS and you can update/enhance/fill in any gaps at any time.


See the live listings

It can take up to 2-3 weeks to get everything submitted and go through the full approval processes for publishing on every site. We will send a weekly email update with published submissions (i.e. 8 out of 20 published so far, here the links, etc.). There is not a guarantee that all 20 will ultimately be reviewed/approved/published but they will definitely be submitted and if there is any missing info or reasons for rejection will pass that info on and work with you to correct (not typical). Once live, we include one round of revisions. Need ongoing help keeping listings up to date? Talk to us and we can help.

Directories we submit to:

Choose the directories that are a fit or match for your SaaS solution

Better Alternative
Product Hunt
IT Central Station
Software Advice
Good Firms

Software Directory Listings - Done for You as a Service


SaaS Directory Listing Service
One Time Fee


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    Choose up to 20 Directories to submit to
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    Enter your data once - we submit to all directories
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    Accuracy Guaranteed - One Round of Revisions Included
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Common Questions - FAQs
Get in touch at
How do product directories impact SEO?
Directories are generally considered a good targeted referral traffic source with no SEO benefit or harm. We're only placing you in hand picked, relevant product directories and review sites focused on SaaS. After years of abuse and shady SEO practices, Google likely ignores most directory links. Does that mean there's no reason to get listed on these platforms? No, it is still a key product discovery mechanism for serious B2B buyers. SaaS software purchasers are spending time on these sites so it's important to be there with at least a baseline presence to get considered for the short list.
Why do this through
The main benefit is to save time and headaches - submitting company and product listings is a manual process with a lot of email back and forth and approvals (as well as sales calls and emails from reps selling sponsored directory packages). The process can actually be a little tricky with submitting, formatting, etc. We have VAs that have the process down and everything documented.
Should I submit before I have customer reviews?
There are different strategies here. Obviously it is ideal to have lots of glowing customer reviews, but even if you are not at that stage there are still product discovery benefits to getting listed early. Plenty of buyers may also be intrigued by startups in stealth mode or with new and innovation solutions and approaches. Buyers are often looking for alternatives to the obvious SaaS choices.
You own the listings and can make changes at any time. Need help to frequently update the listings? Contact us and we can likely help streamline this process for you.
Want to talk first?
No problem - drop us a line and we can set up a time to talk through the process and answer any questions.
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Who this guide is intended for:

Independent Web Publishers, media companies, and website owners and operators that are considering outsourcing or hiring dedicated ad sales sales help and expertise to grow revenue with limited risk/up front investment. The focus is on moving beyond programmatic display and into more integrated, strategic ad products to expand revenues.

Can Outsourced Ad Sales really work? Is there a minimum traffic level or monthly unique visitors required?

For Direct Sales to work, a web property generally must have realistic potential for at least $10K/month (ideally more) in direct ad sales revenue beyond programmatic display. There is not necessarily a specific monthly traffic level - niche B2B, purchase focused websites will command much higher premiums and advertiser demand than B2C or less focused, news oriented sites.

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