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B2B SaaS Sales Outsourcing Pricing and Process

General B2B SaaS Sales Outsourcing Pricing Discussions and Resources:

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Costs, Timelines, and Expected Outcomes for B2B SaaS Outsourced Sales with

B2B SaaS Outsourced Sales Process and Pricing - Phase 1

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First 1-2 Weeks: Product/Market Crash Course, Internal Processes and Setup

What's Included:
  • checkmark will spend a lot of time on your docs, videos, proposals, and site understanding your product and market; perhaps sitting in on sales calls.
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    Regular calls and access to someone team every few days to ask questions, talk through positioning, etc.
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    Get set up/logged in to your systems (corporate email address, CRM, admin panels, whatever else makes sense). We can also recommend/implement sales and marketing software where it could help. For example if you don't have a CRM we can recommend a modern startup friendly cheap or freemium approach and set up a simple system to start tracking activity.
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    Strategize with you more on the best ICPs/market segments to tackle first, and the messaging around them/strategies to reach those prospects.
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    Start drafting up (or repurposing your existing) email sequences/messaging, canned responses to common FAQs or objections, getting any sales/marketing tools and channels set up. Start responding to inbound leads (perhaps some "B and C" type leads to start) and building outbound email sequences. The first sets of calls/demos can be joint deals.

Next 8-10 weeks - Ramping up Pipeline, Closing First Deals, Becoming a More Autonomous Sales Engine

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    When both sides are comfortable, can start handling more and more of the sales process and only bring in sales engineer type help where needed. Depending on the prospect and complexity of the deal this might mean qualifies people, creates interest, and handle the first demo calls. If it's an enterprise/custom or bigger deal with some complex requirements or questions we could bring in a sales engineer/technical help but can still quarterback the sales process, drive the deal, etc.
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    As part of the partnership it's great to have quality inbound leads as well to support the outbound efforts. We can strategize on setting up programs and tools like Competitive Attack Campaigns or Identifying B2B Website Visitors if these are not in place.
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    Continue to fine tune list building, cold email outreach sequences, A/B test messaging, markets, etc.

Phase 1 Cost: 
$8K/mo over 3 months + Success Metric (usually commission %)
3 Month Term

At the end of this trial period, both sides should know whether the partnership is working or not. Ideally we have closed some deals and perhaps paid back the initial investment. There should be signs of a healthy growing pipeline of deals and some repeatable processes and metrics to show we are on the right track.

This limits the risk on both sides as there is a lot of initial up front work getting up to speed on your product, market, setting up systems, building a sales pipeline, etc.

B2B SaaS Outsourced Sales Process Phase 2 - Ongoing Month-to-Month Partnership

In addition to driving direct revenue, we can continue to add value in other ways:
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    Content - possible help with blog posts, explainer videos, customer webinars/interviews as we become more of an expert on your product and market.
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    Work more closely with your marketing team on suggesting or fine tuning marketing programs or even potentially owning/running them if needed.
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    We can list Redwood City, CA USA as an office location on your corporate website.

Phase 2 Cost: 
$8K/mo + Success Metric (Commission %)
Month to Month Term
Option to add on additional reps and scale

The Goal is a mutually beneficial, long term partnership that continues to drive MRR and positive ROI for your company.

For Phase 1, I will handle 100% of the customer facing emails/calls/demos, setting up all systems and processes, and partnering with you to learn your business and build a repeatable, scalable sales process. If we rely on a junior person at this point the project is likely to fail.

For Phase 2, if we've found a winning formula I will begin to transition some of the sales work to internal BDR/SDR/AEs (no additional cost). I will act as a Sales Director layer to hire/train/manage the reps and stay close to all accounts and step in if any turnover happens. At this stage, if there is more opportunity we can expand the relationship and scale/grow to more reps if needed.
Not Ready for a full engagement? We may have room for a one-off project. There is also flexibility earlier stage tech founders looking to partner. Click 'Get Started' and explain your situation and needs.

Outsourced SDR Pricing

The top end of the sales funnel is often the easiest way to get started with an outsourced sales agency and quickly prove ROI. can partner with you to help nail down your ICP and messaging, build a database of relevant, in market accounts and contacts with buying intent, and set up systems and the initial SDR team to automate, personalize and execute outreach at scale.
The outcome is a pipeline of warm, interested leads, booked demos, and an outbound engine that we can run on your behalf or hand over at any time. Learn more about Outsourced SDR/BDR Services.

Costs: Start at $6K/mo retainer + per lead/demo variable cost

Find out more about Outsourced SDR Services, the process and what we can provide.

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