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Cold calling prospects takes a lot of time and effort. A report by shows that Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) in the B2B tech sector should aim for an average of 60 calls daily to optimise their chances of scheduling meetings. However, the reality could be better.

On average, reps make only 35 calls daily, representing about half of the recommended benchmark. Of course, cold-calling prospects are more than just a numbers game. Having the right personas, parameters, research, messaging, and content is also paramount to booking demos.

So, it goes without saying your SDR team needs no-brainer tools to help them automate and optimize the manual processes as much as possible. Maximising the highest number of calls to the right people.

Most mature B2B SaaS teams do this by using autodialers.

In this guide, we’ll explain the key benefits of having an autodialer extension for is an all-in-one sales engagement tool that many SaaS companies are leveraging to build outbound lead generation engines, so we will focus on the 3 autodialer companies in the market with solid integrations:, Orum, and Salesfinity, so you can decide which service is the right fit for your SDR team.

Let’s dive in! 

Firstly, what’s an autodialer?

An autodialer is a software tool designed to automate the process of dialing phone numbers from calling lists, removing the necessity for SDRs to dial manually.

Usually integrated into outbound software solutions like, the main goal is to help SDRs conduct a high volume of outbound calls daily, reaching more prospects and booking more demos.

How does an autodialer work with 

Auto-dialers integrate with Apollo by syncing contact and lead data, allowing for streamlined outbound calling campaigns. This integration helps SDRs/BDRs to dial numbers from Apollo's database automatically, track call outcomes directly in the CRM, and use Apollo's insights to prioritize call lists based on lead scoring.

Benefits of using an autodialer:

  • Enhanced productivity: Autodialers enable SDRs to make more calls, increasing outreach potential.
  • Maximised outreach: With higher call volumes, SDRs can connect with more leads, boosting potential conversions.
  • Time efficiency: Reduces manual dialing, allowing SDRs to spend more time on meaningful interactions.
  • Streamlined lead management: Prioritize and organize leads effectively, enhancing workflow.
  • Consistent follow-ups: Ensures timely interactions with prospects with SMS, email, and voicemail through automation.
  • Data-driven insights: Provides analytics for strategy optimizations and improved call performance.

How are autodailers leveraging AI? 

As with most software these days, auto-dialers are leveraging AI to optimize outbound sales. This is done by prioritizing call lists based on the probability of lead responsiveness.

The AI essentially acts as an assistant to automate repetitive tasks like dialing and leaving voicemails and also provides real-time conversation analytics. This means that BDRs/SDRs can focus on having more personal engagements with potential customers and making more calls throughout the day. The AI-driven insights can also be used to guide sales strategies, leading to better overall sales performance and conversion rates by focusing efforts on the most promising prospects.

What features to look out for: 

When choosing an autodialer, look for features that enhance efficiency and personalization.

These can include:

✅ Parallel dialing capabilities which allow for multiple simultaneous calls, increasing contact rates.

✅ AI functionalities that can prioritize calls based on the likelihood of success and provide real-time insights.

✅ A virtual sales floor to foster team collaboration and real-time coaching, which is ideal for remote teams.

Comparing autodialers for Apollo:
Basic information
Free trial available. Contact Sales for pricing details
Free trial available. Contact Sales for pricing details
Free trial available. 299 USD / mo
Apollo, Hubspot, Salesloft, Outreach
Apollo, Hubspot, Salesloft, Outreach
Apollo, Hubspot, Salesloft, Salesforce, Gong, Outreach
Orum supports calling into the US & Canada and 40+ international countries.
Salesfinity works worldwide if you're calling the US and Canadian phone numbers. Calling the UK and Australia is available on the Enterprise plan.
Preview dialing
Progressive dialling
Predictive dialer
Parallel dialer
Up to 5
Up to 10
Up to 10
Record calls
Generate location
Primarily US, CA, UK, AU
AI-powered coaching
Callback Scheduling
Virtual Salesfloors and Collaboration
Virtual Receptionist, External Video Conferencing, Guest Links, Document sharing, Availability status, Simultaneous, Screen sharing
Virtual salesfloor, call blitzes, rep spotlight, live chat, coaching notes
Virtual salesfloor, call scores, gamification
Contacts for Outbound Call Tracking Software
Record Prospect Data
Voice Activity Detection
Voice broadcast
Call scrubbing
Daily Summary
Automated voicemails
Automated emails
Prospect sorting
Call analytics

What is is an AI-powered parallel dialer and virtual sales floor designed to boost sales teams' productivity. Nooks does this by automating and streamlining various aspects of the sales process, like skipping answering machines, logging calls, taking notes automatically, and providing a comprehensive 360° view of prospects. Ultimately, it helps SDRs focus more on human tasks like engaging with prospects than manual, time-consuming tasks.

Nooks features: 

Nooks offers features like AI call summaries, real-time call transcripts, sales enablement content like battle cards for quick access to essential information, and live coaching and feedback tools. The platform aims to multiply connections and save daily hours by automating monotonous tasks, enhancing collaboration among team members, and improving the sales pipeline.​ Pricing offers a free trial; however, interested customers must contact the sales team for specific pricing. pros and cons based on user reviews

  • User-friendly interface that simplifies operations.
  • Customizable reports for strategic team learning.
  • Simultaneous dialing and outreach tool integration boost productivity.
  • The virtual sales floor encourages team collaboration.
  • Responsive customer support
  • Encounters technical issues, impacting user experience.
  • Specific glitches with music playback and call functionality.
  • Bugs can disrupt workflows.

What users think:

Based on G2 reviews, is valued for its user-friendly interface, efficient call management features, and flexibility to customise and use reports for team learning and improvement. The platform's integration with outreach tools like Apollo and its feature for simultaneous dialing enhance productivity, and the virtual sales floor promotes a collaborative team environment and is more suited for larger SDR/BDR teams.

That said, some users have reported technical glitches and performance issues, such as problems with music playback and call connectivity, which can disrupt workflow. Despite these drawbacks, users value the responsive customer support and the platform's continuous improvements based on user feedback.

What is Orum?

Orum is a platform that makes the sales process more efficient by facilitating live conversations between SDR teams and prospects. The platform leverages automation and intelligent dialing to help teams reach out to more prospects faster. It also integrates with CRM systems, increasing productivity and a smoother workflow for sales teams.

Orum Features 

Orum offers enhanced features to optimize cold sales outreach through automated diallng and intelligent call management. It helps SDRs and BDR teams to quickly connect with multiple prospects simultaneously, leveraging AI to prioritize calls based on the likelihood of connection. Additionally, it provides real-time insights and analytics through AI-powered coaching, which helps teams refine strategies and improve call outcomes.

Orum pricing 

Orum's free trial includes 500 free dials, but potential customers must chat with the sales team for full pricing details. 

Orum pros and cons based on user reviews 

  • Significantly increases the number of dials per week, enhancing productivity.
  • Intuitive interface with LinkedIn integration for immediate prospect information.
  • Effective integration with outreach tools, automating notes and call dispositions.
  • Highly responsive customer service and continuous platform improvements.
  • Ability to call a high number of countries
  • The platform is considered expensive for SaaS startups
  • Occasional lags and bugs on connections, though customer service proactively addresses issues.
  • Higher settings for parallel dialing may lead to less intentional outreach, impacting call quality.

What Orum users think:

According to G2 reviews, users praise Orum for its ability to significantly increase dial numbers, appreciating the intuitive interface and seamless CRM integration, which enhances team productivity.

Orum's responsive customer service and ongoing enhancements based on user feedback are also highlighted as key benefits that users love. That said, a few users expressed some concerns about the cost and occasional technical issues.

What is Salesfinity?

Salesfinity is an AI Parallel Dialer tailored for B2B SaaS sales teams aiming to sell towards the North American market. It enhances productivity by allowing SDRs to make more calls in less time. It focuses on streamlining the calling process with AI features.

Salesfinity features: 

  • AI-driven parallel dialing for high call volumes.
  • Real-time analytics for insights into sales performance.
  • A user-friendly interface.
  • Virtual sales floor that utilizes gamification and competition.

Salesfinity maximizes outbound sales productivity by allowing sales teams to connect with more prospects in less time, offering support for scaling operations and improving conversion rates through intelligent call management.

Salesfinity pricing: 

Salesfinity offers a free trial and transparent pricing. Plans start at $299/mo (USD)

Salesfinity pros and cons based on user reviews: 

  • Significantly increases dial numbers, enabling more daily conversations.
  • Offers excellent customer support 
  • Integrates seamlessly with CRM and marketing tools, providing real-time customer analytics.
  • Multi-dialing features and AI enhancements boost productivity and conversions.
  • Described as fresh, fast, and designed for high-performing sales environments.
  • Gamification that brings excitement to calling
  • Audio can be glitchy, requiring fast internet for optimal use.
  • Report customization can be complex.
  • Managing multiple responses from multi-dialing can be challenging.
  • Uploading multiple lists at a time is not possible.
  • Most suited for prospecting in North American markets. 

What Salesfinity users think:

All in all, users have given positive reviews about Salesfinity, mentioning its effectiveness in increasing call volumes through gamification. The parallel dialling feature, seamless Apollo integration, and easy-to-use interface have been appreciated by many. While customer support is praised, some users also report audio issues due to slow internet and have requested more personalized AI capabilities.

Verdict: What Apollo autodialer is best for startups? 

Ultimately, while all three autodialers integrate seamlessly with Apollo, there is yet to be a clear standout winner for which is best for B2B SaaS startups. Depending on your team size, certain features or country-calling regions, one may stand out for you. But as all three autodialers give a free trial, we encourage you to give each one a go! 

Your outbound sales engine built for you! 

Creating a seamless outbound sales engine is easier said than done. You'll need ICPs, personas, content, messaging, and the right tools. Here at, we specialize in strategizing and setting up for B2B startups, focusing on optimizing your SaaS sales and marketing efforts to the fullest.

Our expert services include creating tailored methods that sweeten outreach and engagement and ensuring a streamlined setup of to align with your business goals. Additionally, we provide outsourced SDR/BDR services, taking sales development and business development tasks completely off your hands. 

Whether you need one side or a dual approach, we can partner with you directly or give advice and a strategy you can rely on to grow your SaaS customer base. 

Get in touch to discuss your needs and learn more.

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