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Good for:
Experienced SaaS Sales Reps with industry knowledge and contacts looking for side income
Flexible arrangements, can include monthly retainer and commission. Or sell an add on SaaS to your existing customer base.
Reps with some sales experience but looking to get a start in SaaS sales
HR and resume screeners can make it difficult to break into SaaS. Sales skills translate - transition to SaaS sales with a part-time role and build your resume.
Transition from BDR/SDR to AE Role
If you are stuck in a BDR or SDR role and want to build AE experience and own more of the sales process, a part-time outsourced sales position may be a good career stepping stone.

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Common Questions

FAQs - Common Part Time SaaS Sales Questions

Get in touch at
Yes. I've been working with several SaaS startups over the past 7 years(some case studies here). The nature of work is changing - jobs are remote and more flexible. Depending on the stage of your career and life goals, it can make sense to have a portfolio of income streams and clients vs. being tied to one company. Drop me a line if you'd like to talk more about your specific situation.
Yes it is possible depending on your situation. There can certainly be scenarios where having a side sales job can be mutually beneficial for all parties (for example if you represent 2 SaaS companies with complementary products/overlapping customer bases). We do need give legal advice. Check with your employment contract and employer.
It is up to you to negotiate mutually agreeable terms with the hiring SaaS company. See sample B2B SaaS Sales outsourcing Pricing and Process and a SaaS Software Reseller Agreement template.
SaaSBoost does a few things
1. Vets sales candidates to ensure only legitimate SaaS sales reps and marketers are listed on the platform
2. Connects you with interested SaaS companies looking for part time sales and marketing help.
We are building out more tools and resources to help you get set up as an independent SaaS rep or reseller. Reach out if you'd like to talk, need specific help or have ideas.
Yes - just list your profile as Anonymous in the database.
Nothing. We will send on any interested employers to your listed email address.

Current Part Time, Flexible SaaS Sales Positions Social eCommerce US Market Lead
Remote, Part-time, Flexible 1099

Worldz is a SaaS for e-commerce that transforms e-commerce into Social Commerce. Transform your consumers into brand ambassadors on Facebook and Instagram, improving the sales and lead performance of your e-commerce website.

Company has strong user growth and customer traction in Italy. Early stage startup with funding and looking to scale in the US. Product demo here.

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Stealth startup in India looking to expand in the US. Looking for sales rep help with 2-3 years of experience in finance industry.

Learn more

Lead the sales for a Saas which will launch in Q3 2021. The software allows for SMBs to assign procurement related roles to their users (there are 20+ roles to choose from). The Saas enables clients to enroll their suppliers and transact (create purchase enquiries, requests for proposals, purchase orders, rate agreements, receipt notes, libraries of materials, storeroom item issue notes,....) with them without ever leaving the platform. Clients will be able to drastically reduce turnaround times, be approached by vendors offering with lower rates, manage purchase budgets, while enforcing governance and transparency. One of the product USP is its value for money (the clients pay for 02 transactions (reducing scale) while the others are for free. No licence-based payments.)

Learn more
HR Software

zanie is a Slack app that helps build stronger teams by facilitating meaningful conversations between co-workers. Opportunity to help an early stage SaaS startup from the ground floor - content, setting up CRM and sales processes, marketing channels and tools, etc.. Experience with the Slack App Directory and/or selling to HR would be beneficial.

Learn more
PromoTron Sales Rep / Referral Partner
Remote, Part-time, Flexible 1099

Prospecting customers, referral of or sale to customers of our SaaS services (webshop, online visualisation, designing, calculation and marketing tools).

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Client Onboarding Software First Sales Hire US
Remote, Part-time, Flexible 1099

Opportunity to own US sales for an early stage, bootstrapped client onboarding SaaS. This platform is mainly used for streamlining and systemizing client onboarding processes for industries like real estate, mortgages, legal, banks, HR, marketing. Clients can build their own checklists, workflows and processes, eSignatures through a branded customer portal. Many legacy industries are struggling with old, slow, broken processes and this tool can save a tremendous amount of time and money. Great customer reviews and customer references.

Learn more
EdTech SaaS Sales Position UK only Part time
Remote, Part-time, Flexible 1099

Flexible, part time opportunity for UK focused SaaS Sales rep in EdTech. Company has a mature product and is looking to expand and focus on UK as the next growth market. Some strengths of this position:

1. Very targeted, niche, focused use cases (50% corporate clients, 50% Edu, Publishers, Language schools) good for targeted, personalized outbound outreach. Great relevant UK customer references and industry specific landing pages.

2. Well defined sales process with handoff/support from your team  (call -> demo -> 14 day trial -> handoff to Account Manager/Customer Success).

3. Big upside on deals - average “key account” has 500 users/mo = $2500/mo; potentially larger deals with 1000’s of seats

4. A few inbound leads, although rep is mostly tasked with generating interest through outbound activities.

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First Sales Hire - Fan Engagment SaaS Platform
Remote, Part-time, Flexible 1099
Social Media

SaaSBoost has an opportunity for the first sales hire with an early stage fan engagement platform. The platform is similar to OnlyFans except for top influencers and brands. The software was just redesigned from the ground up with a modern tech stack. It has customers, traction and inbound interest with 300+ inbound trials coming in a month that can be nurtured to paid plans. There is also marketing budget and demand generation engine in place to help support your efforts. Modern CRM and marketing automation tools set up to use. This is a small team (<10) with some big names and clout. Work closely with the founders. Opportunity for equity.

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