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    March 1, 2024

Position Details

Company Description

If you want a MAJOR leg up over everyone else, please submit a 2-4 minute video introducing yourself and your personality - and SELL us on yourself. We don't care what you talk about (though maybe take a few hints from this job ad as to what's important to us), but submit a video. You can put it up on Youtube as a private video, TikTok, Insta, Google Drive or anywhere else you want and provide the link in your resume or cover letter. If you don't provide a video, please include a cover letter telling us about yourself and how your skills apply to this role. Thanks!!!


SureDone's software helps e-commerce sellers mature their business by standardizing and automating repetitive, error prone and inaccurate processes. Our software allows e-commerce businesses to economically scale.

In the e-commerce business "wheel" there are many spokes - including marketplaces, websites, suppliers, internal systems and other software. Our software platform becomes the hub of your e-commerce wheel, pulling in products, inventory, pricing, orders, tracking and more from the spokes. Our software then molds, shapes, forms, processes and normalizes this data letting you manage the data from inside our platform before sending it back out to other spokes.

And we do much of this automatically, freeing up your day so you can focus on growing your business instead of just managing it.

Job Description


  • Let's be honest - we're hiring you to FIND and CLOSE deals. If this is interesting, keep reading! If this isn't something you excel at, become great at it and then apply for the role! You should be outgoing, personable and passionate about the business you represent.
  • This is an outbound role. We're looking for you to do prospecting and identify, target, qualify and pursue e-commerce companies.
  • You'll be targeting mid-market and enterprise sellers ($1Mil GMV+/month) + name brand manufacturers, focusing on the automotive, motorsports, powersports and marine verticals, and selling them subscriptions to our enterprise multichannel e-commerce SaaS platform starting at $5,000/month with one year or multi-year contracts.
  • You'll use a consultative approach to network, call and use various marketing techniques to build a relationship with multiple individuals and demonstrate our value through education and thought leadership.
  • Then you'll aggressively close the deals that make sense for both the customer and us. It needs to be a win-win.
  • We also expect you to build lead sharing partnerships with companies in adjacent verticals and to leverage referrals from existing customers you've closed.
  • You'll be measured on a few things - pipeline coverage, quota attainment, pushes, win/loss ratio, days to close, opportunity size, etc.
  • At times, you'll attend association meetings, trade shows or travel to meet with prospects or partners. These may be within the US or in other countries. At the trade shows you'll be helping to do everything from setting up the booth to manning it to selling to helping break it down.,
  • You'll need to maintain accurate information of your activities, next steps, probabilities, communications and more within our Salesforce CRM.
  • While you'll be part of the overall company team, we expect you to own your entire sales process from new lead outreach to opportunity management to closing. Even though we will be managing you, we don't want to be micromanaging you. We're focused on results.
  • In a reasonable period of time, we'll expect you to be able to perform product demonstrations for qualified leads. However, we'll always give you help from our team. But we want to know you're a fast learner.
  • We expect everyone to contribute to our sales playbook on a regular basis. Update what works and what doesn't work. Add resources, email and questions examples and more.


There are a few things we're looking for:

  • Strong networking and relationship building ability, high attention to detail, with a process and solution-oriented mindset, experience working in a small business, track record of meeting and exceeding your sales quota, great writing skills, great research skills, etc.
  • Demonstrated experience selling to enterprise level customers with a firm understanding of the prospecting through closing process and everything in between. Formal training in one or more sales methodologies focused on enterprise sales is preferable.
  • Experience in e-commerce - specifically with selling on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and Walmart and/or multichannel e-commerce strongly preferred. Be sure to highlight this.
  • We're looking for strong hunters. We want someone hungry for closes, but not so hungry that they close the wrong deals. Ethics are more important than closing, but closing deals is a very close second.
  • We do a lot of work with companies in the auto/moto industry so experience in the technicalities of this industry is highly preferred.
  • Understanding of the e-commerce lifecycle and systems used by mid market and enterprise companies.
  • Understanding of the objections, and having the ability to overcome them, that brands and manufacturers may have with selling direct to consumer.
  • You have to work well well and play well with others.
  • Previous experience working with B2B SaaS would be preferred.
  • We don't care about college degrees. We do care that you have excellent writing and presentation skills.
  • There is some travel involved but it's not extensive. You may need a passport.
  • We strongly prefer people who don't take everything completely seriously. Well, except for closing. That needs to be taken completely seriously. But the rest of the stuff? We like people who enjoy life.
  • If you're looking for a 9 to 5 job, you shouldn't apply. However we also believe in quality of life and family.. so if you work too much we'll tell you to go spend time doing something else for a bit.

Additional Information


Completely dependent on your experience.

  • Are you fairly new without a lot of references behind you? Then we'd probably suggest waiting a few months to apply. We should be posting an ad for one or more SDRs later on this year. This is a great path to AE and then Enterprise AE.
  • Are you walking in with a experience selling for a mutlichannel e-commerce company? Then we might pay you $75k-$100k base with a $750k-$1Mquota for an OTE of $150k-$200k when you meet your quota. Exceed it? It has no limits.
  • Are you a rockstar? You're walking in with experience in multichannel e-commerce, enterprise sales, and have a bunch of contacts you can reach out to for quick closes? Then we might pay you $120k with a $1.2M quota for an OTE of $240k when you meet your quota - and again, there are no limits.
  • Want to "try before you buy" or do this part time? We'll put you on commissions only with a lower quota (we still do quotas because we have to have some way of measuring your success) and the sky is the limit.

I guess we're saying we'll fairly compensate you based on the value you bring to us at the start, and then we'll work our way up from there. Not only are we looking for win-win opportunities with our customers, but we want a win-win with each of our team members.

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Full-Time (Fully remote)

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