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Job Role:
Sales Management/Consulting
Demand Generation
Job Type:
Job Description:
Business Development Reps (BDRs) are responsible for outbound lead prospecting
Sales Development Reps (SDRs) are responsible for inbound lead qualification
Responsible for hiring, training, managing a sales organization and building a repeatable and scalable sales process
Responsible for marketing programs aimed at generating sales leads
Outreach, Advocacy & Strategy | Executive Coach, Consultant & Breast Cancer Advocate
Current Position: 
Strategy Coach
Boston, MA, USA
Years of Experience:
Sales Tech Stack:
LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Sales Intel, Zoom Info, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive
Sales Awards:
Key Sales Clients:
Salesforce, LinkedIn, RWS
1099 or W2?
Open to 1099 Only
Compensation Requirements:
Open to Commission Only
SaaS Market Experience:
Business Intelligence
Customer Support/Onboarding
Project Management
Social Media
With over a decade of experience in sales and marketing within the technology sector, I've developed a comprehensive skill set that spans from strategic planning and execution to hands-on client management and market expansion initiatives. My journey began in direct sales, where I honed my ability to connect with clients and understand their needs deeply. This foundational experience laid the groundwork for my transition into more strategic roles, where I've led teams to drive revenue growth and market share for SaaS products. In recent years, my focus has been on the SaaS industry, where I've excelled in roles that required a blend of sales acumen and marketing savvy to effectively position products in competitive markets. I've successfully implemented go-to-market strategies, led cross-functional teams in the execution of marketing campaigns, and fostered strong client relationships to secure and grow accounts. My strategies are data-driven, with a keen eye on market trends and customer feedback to guide product development and positioning. I am particularly interested in SaaS roles that allow me to leverage my strategic thinking and customer engagement skills to drive growth. Positions such as Sales Director, Head of Customer Success, or VP of Sales and Marketing are where I believe I can make the most impact. In these roles, I aim to contribute not just to the growth of the sales and customer success teams, but also to the strategic direction of the product and the company as a whole. My goal is to work in an environment that values innovation, customer satisfaction, and data-driven decision-making, where I can continue to grow and challenge myself while contributing to the company's success.

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