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EdTech SaaS Sales Position UK only Part time
Remote, Part-time, Flexible 1099

Flexible, part time opportunity for UK focused SaaS Sales rep in EdTech. Company has a mature product and is looking to expand and focus on UK as the next growth market. Some strengths of this position:

1. Very targeted, niche, focused use cases (50% corporate clients, 50% Edu, Publishers, Language schools) good for targeted, personalized outbound outreach. Great relevant UK customer references and industry specific landing pages.

2. Well defined sales process with handoff/support from your team  (call -> demo -> 14 day trial -> handoff to Account Manager/Customer Success).

3. Big upside on deals - average “key account” has 500 users/mo = $2500/mo; potentially larger deals with 1000’s of seats

4. A few inbound leads, although rep is mostly tasked with generating interest through outbound activities.

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