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    March 1, 2024

Position Details

Sales lead – 100% remote (+/- 2h from UK time) – CONTRACTClosing date: Friday 27th July 2022As Humap grows, we need someone to keep momentum with our sales contacts, build new relationships, and work with Natalie, our marketing and comms lead, on filling the funnel with really well-qualified sales leads, from both outbound and inbound sales activities. About HumapHumap is an interactive mapping platform which our clients use to present huge amounts of data in an attractive, bitesize format. We’re currently selling into the cultural, heritage, academic, campaigning, non-profit and educational publishing sectors. Our market is large, and the platform’s capabilities are broad enough to appeal to many other market sectors in the future.Humap is a 100% remote company. We have been working remotely for many years and have a good working process among our team of seven. We use Slack on a daily basis to communicate together, and will use MS Team or Zoom with customers; as well as a whole host of other SaaS platforms for day-to-day operations. While most of our business is in the UK, we have several projects overseas, and you can be in any timezone +/- 2 hours from UK time, provided you can prove able to do the job. We expect you to be proficient (or learn fast) at working with a fully remote team.We do meet from time-to-time and would expect you to join us periodically in London or somewhere else easily accessible.About youFor this job, you’ll:Either have experience in sales or be a fast learner Be enthused by contacting new people and making a networkBe happy to be self-propelled, and lead the process of building and maintaining a sales pipelineBe happy to push back to us if we’re wrong about stuffBe working in partnership with Natalie, our marketing and comms lead, to build the sales funnelUnderstand the difference between working harder and working smarter – for example, not spending loads of energy on little return be keen to improve your process and making it more efficientLike to keep pace with your leads and sales, and are motivated to close dealsFeel undefeated by a ‘no’Genuinely want to solve a problem with each sale, not just ‘make the sale’Tune and extend our sales process to make it your own, and be accountable for itTake an active role in the evolution of the product, and know it inside-outHave an element of nerdery running through you – we love working with people who are intellectually curiousThis is an intrinsically digital job, and you’ll have strong digital skills – comfortable with a CRM (we use Close), Google suite, billing systems and similar. We expect you to become proficient in the use of Humap itself.CompensationThis is a contract position initially for a period of 6 months, with a base salary of £25,000 per year, and a commission structure as follows:10% of all recurring sales revenue (payable monthly), up to a cap of £250,000 per year1% of all one-off consultancy revenueWe are strongly incentivising building a recurring revenue for Humap, and would like you to share in the success of that approach.How to applySend a CV and covering letter to, outlining your suitability for the role.

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The interactive map  platform for storytellers, scientists, and everyone in between.

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