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Sales & Marketing Representative - West Africa Mobile App Dev

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Sorry, this role is no longer open.

Lampnet Solutions
  • Industry 
    Sales Geographic Territory
    Average Deal Size $ MRR/ARR
    Base salary (monthly retainer) plus commission
    ICPs to Target
    B2B , B2C
    Company HQ
    Inbound Leads?
    Possible Equity?
    Date Published
    September 29, 2022

Position Details

The main responsibilities of the Sales Representative revolve around the ability to network, build relationships with clients and persuade others to purchase products. The responsibilities in this position, includes to: Be knowledgeable about the product Identify prospective customers, lead generation and conversion Contact new and existing customers to discuss needs Emphasize the features of products to highlight how they solve customer problems Answer questions about the products Negotiate prices and terms and prepare sales agreements Collaborate with colleagues in many different sectors Maintain contact lists and follow up with customers to continue relationships
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