5 Best Personalized Video Prospecting Tools and Software for Outbound Sales

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5 Best Personalized Video Prospecting Tools and Software - Compared

A recent study on personalized video prospecting tools showed compelling insights. Analyzing 134 million emails, including 4.5 million with embedded videos, the study found significant improvements in key metrics. 

Emails with videos had a 16% higher open rate, indicating increased engagement. Moreover, the use of personalized videos led to a remarkable 26% increase in reply rates, capturing prospects' attention and generating meaningful responses. 

These findings highlight the advantage of personalized video prospecting tools in sales. By leveraging these tools, sales professionals can create tailored video messages that differentiate themselves from competitors, resulting in improved success rates, revenue generation, and business growth. The latest generation of Video Prospecting tools powered by AI can make this a very efficient and scaleable process.

In this guide, we'll cover effective tools and software for personalized video prospecting and the benefits they offer. Enhance your sales game by reading on.

What is B2B prospecting?

B2B prospecting involves a combination of processes and tools used to identify, contact, and develop relationships with potential customers. 

It encompasses activities such as:

  • Researching target accounts
  • Gathering contact details
  • Using the best sales prospecting tools, video prospecting tools, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Leveraging intent data for account-based marketing strategies
  • Engaging in sales pipeline management with lead prospecting tools
  • Utilizing the best sales prospecting tools available for a free trial or purchase

By employing a comprehensive suite of sales reps and teams’ favorite sales tools for tracking prospects' activity, collecting contact data from target accounts, and identifying the right sales prospecting tools to use, businesses can ensure success in their B2B sales prospecting processes.

The Benefits of Sales Prospecting Tools

Sales prospecting tools offer a plethora of advantages for sales teams and individual reps, simplifying their workflow and supercharging their efforts. Ranging from complimentary trial options to easy access to contact information, these tools are designed to optimize the sales prospecting journey. Let's dive into some key benefits that sales teams can enjoy when harnessing the power of sales prospecting tools:

Automated Data Entry

By automating manual data entry tasks, sales reps no longer need to spend countless hours inputting contact details. This time-saving feature boosts efficiency and allows them to concentrate on more valuable activities.

Up-to-Date Information

A majority of sales prospecting tools supply current data about prospective clients and targeted companies. With this feature, your team can swiftly discover the most relevant leads without hassle.

Qualified Leads

With advanced algorithms in place, sales navigator tools identify qualified leads that align with your target audience or market segment criteria. This significantly streamlines the entire process while enabling reps to close more deals.

Streamlined Sales Funnel

Utilizing prospecting software helps refine your sales funnel by allowing marketing teams to promptly pinpoint website visitors who are likely potential leads. As a result, resources are allocated efficiently, cutting down on repetitive tasks.

Find Contact Details Easily

Certain tools furnish comprehensive contact information so that both individual reps and entire teams can rapidly locate necessary details when required. By eliminating manual research needs, staying up-to-date with prospects becomes seamless.

Sales Engagement Tools

Incorporating features such as video conferencing and contact center management empowers your team members' interactions with potential customers effortlessly. By leveraging these engagement tools effectively, there is an increased likelihood for closing additional deals.

Ultimately, employing suitable sales prospecting solutions brings forth numerous benefits – from automated data entry to tailored lead generation – ultimately accelerating lead-generation efforts while enhancing chances for success in deal-making. Equip your team with the right sales prospecting tool, and watch productivity soar to new heights.

5 B2B sales prospecting tools

Now that you understand the importance of B2B sales prospecting tools, here are a few that can help you identify potential customers and qualified leads, automate manual data entry, and streamline sales calls and website visitors to your sales funnel.

Hippo Video

Hippo Video offers a unique AI-driven platform that makes it easy to create compelling sales videos without needing to press 'record' each time. With its automated video conferencing tool, you can quickly and easily connect with your target audience. 

Take advantage of the collection of pre-made templates available for various scenarios and requirements to quickly create a great video. Develop custom processes based on your individual needs so you don't need to begin from the beginning every time you require a video.

No longer do you have to keep recording videos, record customized introductions, and then join them with previously recorded videos for an output that is specifically made to suit your needs in no time at all.


1. Sales Video Flows: Take your video-centric strategy to the next level without sacrificing efficiency. Experience exclusive video paths for prospecting, introductions, sales presentations, and follow-ups. This means that you can streamline sales calls, improve outreach and increase deal close rates with Hippo Video.

2. AI Video Editor: Say goodbye to the time-consuming task of using traditional video editing tools and methods. Hippo Video's AI-driven video editor helps you quickly create customized sales videos in minutes.

3. Personalized Sales Pages: Create a sales journey that is perfectly aligned with your company's values and objectives. Customize each element of your website, from logos to background colors, CTAs, and more.


Free Plan:

Features include: 2 Video Flows, 10 minutes of Closed Captions, 5 Videos - AI Editor, 2 Sales Page Templates, 50 Videos/month, Basic Editing and Analytics, and more.

Pro Plan: $20/month/user

Key Features: 5 Video Flows, 30 minutes of Closed Captions, 10 Videos - AI Editor, 5 Sales Page Templates, Unlimited Full HD Recordings, Advanced Editing and Analytics, Virtual background, and more.

Teams Plan: $60/month/user

Key Features: 15+ Video Flows, 200 minutes of Closed Captions, 50 Videos - AI Editor, 15 Sales Page Templates, 50 Personalized Videos, Integrations with Sales Platforms, Advanced Sales Pages, Team Reports, and more.

Enterprise Plan: $80/month/user

Key Features: Unlimited Custom Video Flows, Unlimited Closed Captions, Unlimited Videos - AI Editor, Unlimited Sales Page Templates, 100 Personalized Videos, Salesforce Integration, Role Based Access and Controls, Single Sign-On, Dedicated Account Manager, and more.


Incorporating Potion videos into your sales strategy is an excellent way to achieve success in each step of the cycle. Sending a personalized video in cold emails can significantly increase your reply rate, while using them later on will expedite the process and ensure that more deals are finalized, and customers remain content.


1. AI-Generated Screen Recordings: Automatically record a prospect’s activity on your website, including clicks and mouse movement. You can add personalized backgrounds and annotations to enhance engagement.

2. Calendar Embeds: Connect with prospects by providing a calendar link that allows them to select a time for a call. It makes scheduling easy and fits into your workflow.

3. Custom Branded Video Landing Pages: When you send a video via email, create an additional landing page to ensure your prospect sees it. A professional-looking page with your branding can make a great impression.


Basic Plan: Free forever

Features include: Unlimited facecam videos, Unlimited screen & face recordings, Video page custom branding, Video library, Video teleprompter, Add calendar widget on video pages, and more.

Growth Plan: $247/month/user

Features include: All Basic plan features, 2000 Dynamic Video generations per month, a Custom video page domain, and Auto-generated subtitles, Perfect for startups & agencies.

Enterprise Plan: $497/month/user

Features include: All Basic and Growth plan features, 10000 Dynamic Video generations per month, Video outreach training for your team, White glove onboarding, and Highest priority support.


Reachout.AI creates and sends personalized dynamic audio-visual ads to your customers' devices, allowing you to reach out to the right people at the right time. With machine learning and advanced search filters, it helps you identify the most promising prospects for your sales team. Reachout.AI also offers a free version with limited features.


1. Text-To-Video: Reachout turns your sales messages into stunning videos with the help of a drag-and-drop editor. With a super-realistic video conferencing tool, you can easily create videos with different backgrounds and other elements.

2. Video Dubbing: Reachout allows you to dub your videos in various languages, making them more accessible to a larger audience.

3. Real-Time Analytics: Reachout provides real-time analytics that helps you understand which messages and videos are resonating with your target audience, allowing you to refine your sales strategies and maximize the impact of your marketing efforts.


Personal: $39/month

Features include: Every feature with no restrictions, Single user login (1 seat), 300 credits per month (3,600 credits per year), Unused credits rollover, Up to 25 custom avatars, 50 campaigns, 100 GB storage, API Integration.

Business: $79/month

Features include: Everything in Personal plan, Unlimited users, Unlimited custom avatars, Unlimited campaigns, Unlimited storage, White-label reporting, 1:1 onboarding call, and Priority Support.

Agency: Contact Sales for pricing details.

Features include: 100% White-Label Portal, Resell it as your own, Unlimited Credits*, Unlimited Clients/Sub-Accounts, Replace Logo & Colors, CNAME for app and links, Own Branded Knowledge Base, Managed Support, Keep 100% of the Profits.


With SendSpark's platform, you can easily make personalized videos for your customers and prospects in order to stand out from the competition. It also features a powerful customer data platform and verified contact data, allowing you to quickly qualify prospects for outbound sales or inbound leads.


1. Send Video Emails: Use a drag-and-drop editor to create personalized videos for your prospects in minutes. You can copy ad paste it directly to Gmail or to your own email distribution list, or through multiple channels.

2. Automate Lead Capture: Automatically capture company data and buyer personas from web visitors or sales representatives during meetings using their Chrome extension.

3. CRM Integration: Seamless integration with popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, and more so you can easily qualify prospects for outbound sales or inbound leads.


Free Plan:

Features include: Record Videos, Request Videos, Personalize Thumbnails, Share Videos Anywhere, and 30 Videos in Library.

Basic Plan: $12 per user/month

Features include: Record Videos, Request Videos, Personalize Thumbnails, Share Videos Anywhere, Unlimited Videos, Upload Videos, Download Videos, Logo & Brand Styles, Calls-to-Action, Detailed Analytics, Dynamic Variables, Custom Intros, Remove Sendspark Branding, Custom Domain, Admin Dashboard, CRM Integrations, Customer Success Manager.

Rapid Plan: $39 per user/month

Features include: All Basic Plan features, Personalization at Scale.

Team Plan: $129 for 5 users/month

Features include: All Basic and Rapid Plan features, Team & Management capabilities.


Pitchlane is a powerful sales tool, that provides verified contact data, automation of manual data entry, and tracking of customer interactions. With its drag-and-drop editor, you can easily create buyer personas to target prospects with multiple channels, such as email distribution list management and messaging tools.


1. Verified contact data: This comprehensive tool provides access to verified contact data from over 200 million business professionals.

2. Automation: Easily automate manual data entry and sales tasks with its AI-driven automation capabilities.

3. Sales intelligence: Utilize its sales intelligence platform to understand customer behavior, qualify prospects for outbound sales, and boost inbound leads quickly and efficiently.


Unfortunately, Pitchlane’s pricing is not publicly listed.

More Video and Website Tools

Additional tools for video personalization tools continue to evolve and come onto the market. Hyperise is a powerful tool that allows video, website, and image personalization and has integrations with 1000s of marketing and website tools to extend your personalization reach and automate personalization at scale into your existing sales and marketing tech stack.


The undeniable impact of personalized video prospecting tools on sales success cannot be overstated. Through leveraging intelligent software like Hippo Video, Potion, Reachout.AI, SendSparks, and Pitchlane – each offering unique features tailored to different aspects of B2B prospecting activities – businesses can greatly enhance their sales game.

By automating data entry tasks and streamlining workflows with up-to-date information on potential customers, these advanced tools allow sales professionals to focus on what truly matters: building meaningful relationships with qualified leads. Furthermore, personalized videos serve as a powerful tool for capturing prospects' attention and setting your business apart from competitors.

Investing in the right suite of B2B prospecting tools is crucial for maximizing efficiency while minimizing manual labor needed during the process. With an arsenal of sophisticated solutions at their disposal, there's no doubt that companies who embrace personalized video prospecting will see their productivity soar to new heights – ultimately leading to sustained growth and success in today's increasingly competitive marketplace.

Video Prospecting: Done For You

Looking to take your video prospecting efforts to the next level without the hassle of doing it all yourself? Consider outsourcing your video prospecting tasks to a trusted agency like SaaSBoost.io. Our team of experts can create personalized video prospecting tools as part of our Outsourced SDR (Sales Development Representative) package.

With SaaSBoost.io, you can leverage the power of personalized videos to connect with your target audience effectively. Our agency specializes in creating compelling and engaging videos that grab attention and drive results. By outsourcing your video prospecting to us, you can save time, ensure consistent quality, and focus on other essential aspects of your business.

Visit our website at SaaSBoost.io to learn more about our Outsourced SDR services and how we can help you maximize your sales prospecting efforts. Explore our client folder and check out our blog at https://www.saasboost.io/outsourced-sales-blog/blog for sample content and insights into the power of video prospecting.

Take the next step towards improving your sales prospecting strategy. Contact SaaSBoost.io today and let us handle your personalized video prospecting tool needs with expertise and professionalism.

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