Tips for Outsourced SaaS Sales Success

Are you considering using outsourced sales for SaaS? This can be a viable option for SaaS companies as either a low risk, entry level step, or even a more permanent, long term solution.

Companies that fit the following profiles can often be good candidates to consider outsourcing sales:

  • Relatively high touch, longer sales cycle, higher MRR ($500+/mo) SaaS products.  The math needs to work.
  • International companies looking to enter US market. Having in-market, same time zone, native speaking representation can go a long way to making prospects and customers feel at ease that they will be supported.
  • Smaller, bootstrapped software companies with excellent technical and product but lack sales and marketing skills (or bandwidth to capitalize on the full market opportunity).
  • Ancillary product line not core to the business, but still viable and with enough demand.

Benefits of working with a US based outsourced sales partner:

  • Reduced Risk – far less expensive to partner with a firm than open up a physical office or hire a full time employee.
  • Tap into local talent – local sales partners will likely already have contacts and an existing network to sell into.
  • Accelerate revenue growth with the right partner vs. hiring/training/managing, particularly if sales is not a core competency or there is enough time/resources to do so.

Ways to support your US based outsourced sales partner to ensure success:

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly check in calls. Sales partner can provide pipeline updates, customer development type feedback from the field, common objections/stumbling blocks to success, areas of opportunity, etc. Problem solve together to build the shared business.
  • Feed warm, inbound leads to your partner.
  • Provide Customer Success resources – customer onboarding, reports, proper customer service support.
  • Find a partner that knows your niche and understands your market – this will eliminate or vastly reduce ramp up time and time to ROI.
  • Be patient and have realistic expectations – it does take time to build up a proper B2B SaaS pipeline. Regular checkins and CRM can help provide visibility before revenue begins to build. An ancillary benefit is you should own all the customer contact and interaction data to follow up on later if the partnership ends.
  • Take the long view and treat it like a long term partnership. Outsourced sales can be a great model that works for both sides.
  • Consider a monthly retainer and commission model for shared buy-in and commitment. 100% commission only resellers or reps are generally either low quality or opportunistic/short term motivated.

This short SaaS sales contractor evaluation form is meant as a beginning guide to determine if your part-time saas sales hire qualifies as a contractor. Refer to a tax attorney and the IRS definition and test to determine if a hire qualifies as an independent contractor (self-employed) or an employee.
January 12, 2021
Jeremy Hurley
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