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Outbound Lead Generation for SaaS Startups

Break into new markets and build repeatable, scalable sales pipeline and revenue with your outsourced SaaS sales and marketing partner.

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We can help:

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    Build an automated outbound lead generation engine that churns out leads and demos for your SaaS.

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    Nail down ICPs, Personas, Messaging, Content
    to support outbound efforts.

Need To Generate Demand and Demos for Your SaaS?
Don't rely on inbound leads alone. Create an "allbound" approach that proactively reaches out to Accounts and Contacts that match your ICPs and Personas to fill your funnel with warm, qualified leads.

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Looking to implement or get more out of your existing instance? is a certified Agency Partner. is a great choice for growing tech companies to standardize on one sales automation tool, combining prospect data, outbound sequences and integrations with your existing stack.
We will work with you to understand your ICPs (accounts), Personas (contacts), messaging, CTAs, and set up Apollo properly to build an automated outbound lead engine through our Strategy and Setup Services.

Upmarket SaaS

Move beyond inbound only and build an Outbound/Allbound motion

Many SaaS companies have done well driving demand for their SaaS through an inbound model with a funnel that converts. The problem with relying purely on inbound marketing is it limits growth, particularly if you have hard to reach customers and strong competitors. An effective outbound strategy includes everything from defining ICPs, buying personas, content mapping, outreach messaging, setting up an outbound sales/marketing tech stack, processes, and an initial team to pull the levers and drive interest and demos. Better yet, an "allbound" approach that combines inbound web traffic with outbound SDR work yields the best results. can partner with you to build and run this together and hand off when you are ready to take over.

Martech SaaS Sales

Outsourced SDR/BDR Services

The top end of the sales funnel is often the easiest way to get started with an outsourced sales agency and quickly prove ROI. can partner with you to help nail down your ICP and messaging, build a database of relevant, in market accounts and contacts with buying intent, and set up systems and the initial SDR team to automate, personalize and execute outreach at scale.
The outcome is a pipeline of warm, interested leads, booked demos, and an outbound engine that we can run on your behalf or hand over at any time. Learn more about Outsourced SDR/BDR Services.

Keyword Research and Content Marketing - Done for You as a Service. Tailored for early stage B2B SaaS companies.

The B2B buying process has long since changed - the buyer is in charge and does loads of online research before agreeing to a trial or demo. There are specific strategies for early stage SaaS companies to build a baseline of content to support outbound efforts like competitive comparisons, roundup and tutorial posts, etc. can serve as a SaaS Content Marketing Agency and also layer in outsourced SDR services to convert more visitors.

Establish a US office

Establish a US or local sales office and presence

Fair or not, many US based companies want to see that your SaaS has a local office or contact person that is close to their time zone and speaks their language. An in-market account manager helps build trust and can be the difference between winning or losing a customer, especially for mid-market and enterprise customers. is located in Redwood City, CA in the heart of Silicon Valley. Partner with us and list our address as a sales office on your website.
Looking to target another specific company? Browse part-time SaaS sales resources by niche and region, or post a job listing.

Technical Founder Sales Help

Technical founders and product led companies that may lack skill, interest or time to devote to building sales/marketing

Outsourced Sales and Marketing can be a lower cost, lower risk way of investing in growth while you focus on product. Leverage an experienced partner like that already has software and systems in place that can be tailored to your business and market. is a tech enabled agency that uses tools and data sources like to set up a lead generation engine that once up running can later be brought in house.

Test a new SaaS Market

Test a new market or capitalize on non-core products or segments

Hire out an outsourced sales and marketing firm to test out new GTM strategies, messaging, outreach, and sales efforts as a low cost/risk way to break into or test a new market. An ancillary product that may not be core to your business yet still has revenue potential that you'd like to capture is a good candidate to outsource vs. hire/manage in house.
We've helped larger companies like Sonos GTM move from B2C to B2B with their first SaaS offering - Sonos Pro.

Software Directory Submission Service

Getting your SaaS listed in the top product directory and review websites like G2 and Capterra is valuable - it builds trust and credibility for your company and helps in product discovery by reaching users searching for options and building a short list in a defined category. However, the process is tedious and time consuming for early SaaS teams with a long To Do list. Upload your data once, get your SaaS submitted in up to 20+ software product directory and review sites. We take care of the manual submission and approval process for you.

Find Niche 1099 SaaS Sales Reps

Is your SaaS specific to a niche industry that would be best served by a sales rep with a network of relevant contacts? Search the SaaS Sales database for reps open to flexible, remote, often 1099 roles. Or Post a SaaS Sales Open Position and we will pass on any qualified candidates that are a match.

Case Studies

See how other companies have grown revenue with

Insightera logo


Location:  Sydney, Australia
Australian Flag

“Before partnering with Jeremy, we had been utilizing Apollo for 12 months, thinking we were fully leveraging its capabilities. However, Jeremy revealed a whole new level of potential. His deep understanding of Apollo and expertise in crafting outbound engines are exceptional - with the right blend of personalization/customization and scalability.

Since Jeremy came on board, our success in booking meetings with targeted personas and accounts has skyrocketed. His insights have not only met but exceeded our expectations, driving significant growth for our business.

We wholeheartedly recommend Jeremy to any organization aiming to maximize their use of Apollo. His input has been a game-changer for us."

David Larter, Founder of Jolly
Insightera logo (now Arrears)

Location:  Los Angeles, CA USA
US Flag

0 to 10+ Demos a month for pre-revenue SaaS

Partnered with pre-revenue SaaS to build initial outbound and inbound lead engine, supported by content, software directory listings, setup. Result was steady flow of booked, qualified demos (avg 10+ per month).

LiveWebinar logo

LiveWebinar (RTC Lab)

Location: Gdańsk, Poland
Polish flag

$0 to 6 figure plus ARR in less than 5 months

LiveWebinar is a SaaS webinar platform based in Poland.  Established first direct US and NA sales presence. Built a database of prospects, helped evaluate and implement CRM (PipeDrive); set up outbound marketing automation/cold email outreach funnel(Woodpecker). Quickly got up to speed on complex, technical SaaS webinar platform in a new market and have a growing customer list of enterprise and white label customers.

Envato Tuts+ logo

Envato Tuts+

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Australian Flag

7 year partnership with Millions in Revenue

Envato is an Australian based digital learning platform and marketplace. Their Tuts+ division has a network of tutorial based websites for web developers, designers, creatives, and business owners. Online advertising, content and marketing programs are not a core offering so it made sense to outsource this portion of the business. As long term partners we own the full sales process even through operations and billing/collections. Customers include AWS, Microsoft, New Relic, Adobe, Atlassian and many startups.

ProgrammableWeb logo

ProgrammableWeb (Mulesoft/Salesforce)

Location: San Francisco, CA
US Flag

Python Scripting and Cold Outreach for leads, $100K+ ARR

ProgrammableWeb is the web's oldest and largest API Directory, owned by Mulesoft (now Salesforce). One tactic that was efficient and effective was to build a Python script to scrape company mentions and links to inform a personalized, relevant and timely automated cold out reach sequence. Using (data/lead info), marketing automation (, and booking (Calendly) software, the result was an automated pipeline of 50+ monthly warm leads and booked calls.

Insightera logo

Insightera (Marketo)

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Israeli flag

First US direct deals to acquisition in 6 months

Worked closely with founders of one of the first B2B marketing personalization platforms as they were moving to the US and closing a $5M Series A. Leveraged CMO network and B2B marketing knowledge to set up initial meetings with enterprise customers. Quarterbacked deals with $30K average ARR for first US SaaS customers. Acquired within 6 months by Marketo for $20M.

Sonos Pro Logo

Sonos Pro

Location: Santa Barbara, CA
US Flag

What is Sonos Pro?

Sonos Pro makes it easy to play what you love—music, podcasts, movies, shows, audiobooks, radio and more—and share it out loud with the ones you love. We’re not limited by what’s possible now. With a bold vision for the future of home sound, we’ve painstakingly invented the technology we needed to make it a reality.

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We drive revenue.

A sampling of customers we've brought on board for our clients:

Pitney Bowes logoAtlassian logoDigital Ocean logoNew Relic logoMailChimp logoMicrosoft logoDropbox logoPostman logoPodium logo
Jeremy Hurley

Jeremy Hurley

Two Decades Sales and Marketing Experience
I love helping B2B SaaS startups grow
Common Questions

FAQs - How Does the Process Work?

Get in touch at
Agreements are typically on a mixed monthly retainer/commission structure (or even equity), with an initial test period and month to month after that. We are looking for long term partners and hope you are as well. It takes time to understand a product, market, competitive positioning, as well as building up a database of prospects, messaging and marketing systems, and a sales pipeline. Once we have that flywheel established it's beneficial for both sides to continue the partnership.
Yes, generally we’d need at a bare minimum $500 MRR to make the numbers work for both sides. Direct sales efforts and the finances make more sense for mid-market/enterprise customers and accounts with ARR potential of $10-50K or more.
In some cases we can also partner with services based companies that are still B2B focused and have high enough customer Lifetime Value (LTV) to justify costs.
All customer interactions through are with Jeremy Hurley – located in Redwood City, CA with two decades of sales and marketing experience with a focus on B2B SaaS and tech. Some top of funnel activities may be handled by software or another member of the team (BDR role).
It's best to set up a discovery call to go over your exact needs, product, and market. If it’s a fit, from there we’d propose a structure that makes sense and limits risk for both sides. Contact us to get the conversation started.
Post your part time SaaS sales position to the Jobs board. has a pool of qualified, part-time SaaS sales pros looking for flexible roles with growing SaaS companies. Many of these positions are 100% remote, flexible, part-time (1099), or even commission only. SaaSBoost will do our best to match you with qualified SaaS sales candidates based on your needs and market. Cost is $99 for a 12 month listing.

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Early Stage SaaS Growth

Learn More About Our Processes for Helping Early Stage SaaS Companies Grow Services

Outsourced SDR and BDR Services

Outsourced SDR and BDR Services

The top end of the sales funnel has traditionally required a full time SDR or BDM hire. By leveraging software and data along with experience and expertise, much of the process of building an ABM (Account Based Marketing) list and generating initial interest and booked demos can be automated for early stage SaaS Startups.

Consider SDR Outsourcing options with

-Plug in SDRs/BDRs

Learn More

B2B Outsourced SaaS Sales

B2B Outsourced SaaS Sales

B2B Outsourced SaaS Sales is a full service, long term engagement and strategic partnership. We get deep into your business to understand your market, product, competitors, your sales and marketing stack, USPs, ICPs, GTM, and any other fun acronyms you can think of. We basically become part of the team with access to internal systems and processes, weekly calls, etc.

The end result is consistent, growing month over month SaaS revenue directly attributable to closed won deals through

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Software Submission Service

Software Submission Service

There are great benefits to getting your SaaS listed in the top product directory and review websites, even for early stage SaaS companies:

  • Product Discovery - Get top of funnel awareness/consideration from software buyers that have already identified a problem/need and are now researching and comparing possible SaaS solutions and creating a short list
  • Links, SEO, and direct traffic back to your website
  • Control the message on comparisons to your competitors - proper categorization of your SaaS, features, screenshots, pricing, etc.
  • Reach high intent buyers - take advantage of PPC, sponsored listings, intent data, and other paid marketing upgrades when budget allows.

What are the downsides or issues with getting listed in SaaS product and review directories?

  • It takes a lot of time and manual work. Each website needs the data in a little different format.
  • Lots of back and forth emails with submitting, waiting for approvals, getting the correct info, formats, etc.
  • Endless calls and emails from sales reps trying to upsell you into paid marketing packages and plans that you may not be ready or interested in.
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Outsourcing Lead Qualification

Outsourcing Lead Qualification

Do you have top of funnel, initial 'hand raiser' leads and accounts that may have filled out a form but are not quite ready to book a demo or get on a call? Or do you need more information to further qualify and prioritize the lead before routing them? Hiring a firm that provides outsourced lead qualification may be a great option to insert as the next stage after your top of funnel efforts (inbound web, outbound marketing, lead generation, content syndication) and saving your limited in house sales resources from this often frustrating middle ground of the buyer's research process.

An outsourced lead qualification company will usually use a mix of email, social selling and phone to further qualify these leads and get them closer to the point of calendared demos.

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SaaS Content Marketing Agency

SaaS Content Marketing Agency

Are you looking for a SaaS Content Marketing Agency to jumpstart your inbound efforts? can serve as a content marketing agency for SaaS as standalone service, or as part of a comprehensive inbound and outsourced outbound sales and marketing approach for early stage SaaS companies.

Learn More Certified Agency Partner - Strategy, Setup and Managed Services Certified Agency Partner - Strategy, Setup and Managed Services is a great choice for implementing an outbound motion for B2B SaaS and startups. is an all-in-one tool that can be used to build lists, create sequences, automate and execute multi-channel, account based outreach programs and generate a pipeline of warm leads. has integrations with most major CRMs (Hubspot, SFDC), LinkedIn, GMail, etc.

Looking for a Certified Agency Partner to help with strategy and implementation? will work with you to understand your business, ICPs, competitors, messaging, etc. and partner to setup a strategic and automated outbound engine using

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