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Full Sales Cycle Prospecting to Closed Won Deal

Raised $7.2M Series A in 2019

Typically requires 12 month up front commitment with minimum 2 Full Time Sales Resources

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Nashville, TN USA
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Who this guide is intended for:

Founders, CEOs, and Business Decision makers at B2B SaaS companies that are considering outsourcing or hiring dedicated sales help and expertise to help grow with limited risk/up front investment.

Can Outsourced Sales really work for B2B SaaS companies?

For Direct Sales to work, an offering generally must have MRR of at least $250/mo at the bare minimum; this really makes sense more for $500/$1k mo MRR and above. Below that you have a self service SaaS model which is great, but the compensation numbers are really difficult to make work for SaaS products that require outbound effort, demos, and sometimes 6 month+ sales cycles. Strategies to make an outsourced sales and marketing partnership work are covered in Tips for Outsourced SaaS Sales Success.

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