Sales as a Service® solutions build revenue with guaranteed results. A fully-formed sales engine that augments and extends your current sales force. Highly specialized sales teams that are informed by data science, guided by proven processes, and enabled with the best sales and marketing technologies. The science of sales and the art of engagement, blended together to help you capture the sales you need to hit your revenue goals.

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Who this guide is intended for:

Founders, CEOs, and Business Decision makers at B2B SaaS companies that are considering outsourcing or hiring dedicated sales help and expertise to help grow with limited risk/up front investment.

Can Outsourced Sales really work for B2B SaaS companies?

For Direct Sales to work, an offering generally must have MRR of at least $250/mo at the bare minimum; this really makes sense more for $500/$1k mo MRR and above. Below that you have a self service SaaS model which is great, but the compensation numbers are really difficult to make work for SaaS products that require outbound effort, demos, and sometimes 6 month+ sales cycles. Strategies to make an outsourced sales and marketing partnership work are covered in Tips for Outsourced SaaS Sales Success.

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