How to Onboard Outsourced Sales Reps and and Improve Sales Pitches with

You've hired an outsourced sales rep or outsourced sales agency to help grow your SaaS. Now comes the critical first step of successfully onboarding your new sales reps and continuing to manage and coach them as they get up to speed on your company and products initially and then hone their sales pitch over time. This is particularly challenging to do with a fully distributed, remote team and even more so with more junior sales reps or BDRs/SDRs.  Like almost every niche, there are purpose built tools to help. For SMBs, large enterprises and outsourced sales teams, specifically addresses this area with an AI-powered "Pitch Intelligence" platform for sales onboarding and readiness.

Managing remote sales reps is hard to do and managing an outsourced rep or agency can bring up a lot of questions as your reps start selling:

  • "Are they representing my company professionally and competently?"
  • "How effectively are they articulating our value proposition"
  • "What questions are they asking in the discovery process"?
  • "What products are they pitching, or skipping"
  • "Are they addressing the common objections, FAQs, steps of our sales process"

As a busy SaaS founder or manager, time is a major constraint and getting a full view of these answers is challenging. You can sit in on rep calls, role play, look into email and CRM notes and logs, and watch recorded sales calls to identify gaps and get an understanding of rep pitch performance. These are all fine but not efficient, scalable, or data-driven approaches. And then giving feedback to reps so they can improve is another to-do item on your list. If you are managing a team of multiple reps or SDRs/BDRs, the problem multiplies. addresses this problem with their Pitch Intelligence Platform. The process is pretty simple:

  1. First you upload a baseline pitch that sets the standard. (This can be an overall company value proposition, specific presentation, discovery call, product demo, answer to a common question or objection, use case, etc.).
  2. Have your reps submit their recordings (can be a role play for brand new reps or real prospect recordings)
  3. works it's AI magic and comes out with insights on each specific pitch - compared to the baseline pitch and other rep pitches at your company. It analyzes coverage of important keywords, clarity and duration of speech, tone, pace, accuracy, etc. Pitch Reports - Rep View follows a typical SaaS pricing model and charges by seat/monthly and integrates with most LMS .There are definitely other sales training and onboarding software out there, but specifically focuses on the pitch feedback portion which is particularly challenging when managing remote and outsourced sales reps and teams. From the rep perspective this is a great too as well to get feedback on your pitch, understand where the gaps and areas for improvement are, and there is a gamification element to continually improve your own scores and also rank against peers.

Pitch Intelligence Dashboard

There are many benefits to expanding your business with outsourced sales reps and tips for outsourced sales success. Getting reps onboarded and coaching/managing their sales and product pitches is a critical portion of the process. is a great timesaving tool for both sales agencies, managers and reps themselves as they improve their sales pitches.

This short SaaS sales contractor evaluation form is meant as a beginning guide to determine if your part-time saas sales hire qualifies as a contractor. Refer to a tax attorney and the IRS definition and test to determine if a hire qualifies as an independent contractor (self-employed) or an employee.
October 8, 2021
Jeremy Hurley
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