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    May 28, 2024

Position Details

NeoReach’s mission is to bring the creator economy mainstream by empowering creators to turn their passion into a profession. The creator economy is rapidly changing the way people work, learn and interact - estimated to be a $100B+ market composed of more than 50 million independent content creators.

NeoReach earns revenue through creator management tools which help identify influencers, allocate sponsorship spend, and maximize the impact of their creator partnerships. A robust data intelligence suite provides granular insights about influencers and their audiences. In addition, NeoReach maintains a proprietary invite-only network with 2,000+ active creators which allow creators to engage brands and view enhanced analytics to increase their earning potential.

Founded in 2014, NeoReach operates in three major areas of the creator economy: SaaS & Data Intelligence API’s, Brand Sponsorships, and a Talent Network and plans to expand to include Creator Management and Original/Owned Media by Q4 2024. NeoReach has grown in ten consecutive quarters and doubled headcount from 25 to 50+ in the past 2 years.

We are currently looking for a talented and experienced Account Manager to join our team. Role and responsibilities listed below:

Client Services

Manage and Lead Client Communication:

  • Convey the progress and success of client work.
  • Own and manage feedback flow to the campaign management team
  • Own and manage progress and final reporting to the client
  • Consistently communicate with clients to provide as much clarity and insight into the activation of accounts.
  • Act as main PoC on accounts and the consistent face of NeoReach to clients
  • Determine the proper communication streams and meeting cadence to ensure that clients are always given a realistic picture of their programs.
  • Develop a standardized communication and meeting schedule based on client size, spend, complexity to eliminate unnecessary interaction
  • Advocate for Client Goals and Campaign Management Realities
  • Ensure the CM team and content is aligned with the central message for each client’s campaign and that goals are kept top of mind.
  • Ensure that the sales team and client are aware of the realities of their campaign asks, budgets.
  • Clearly establishing and managing expectations internally and externally.

Own Account Strategy:

  • Guide the overall strategy of various accounts to keep tactics and content in support of KPIs.
  • Provide insight into the allocation of resources, time, and personnel (as this role will have the full picture) to complete campaign asks
  • Update the Campaign Management team with new clients being sold
  • Update the sales team with tapped resources and gaps in campaign coverage

Key Performance Indicators:

Width and Depth - Determine ways to grow existing accounts through an increased scope and additional opportunities for engagement.

Manage Scope, Schedule, and Budget - Ensure that accounts are operating according to the agreed-upon scope, the schedule is realistic and on pace, and budget is properly utilized according to margin profiles.

Decreased Churn Rate - Keep clients on board and accounts consistent through a lower churn rate and increased length of engagements.

Revenue Under Management - Maintain a client and account roster that maximizes total revenue being managed each quarter


  • Bachelor's degree
  • 3+ years of experience
  • Demonstrated ability to grow accounts and build client relationships
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Experience in managing people and teams
  • Possess a creative mindset
  • Influencer marketing experience a plus
  • Enterprise-level relationships a plus
  • Experience in consumer, beauty, fashion, crypto/NFT, toy industries a plus.


  • Health Care Plan (Medical, Dental & Vision)
  • Paid Time Off (Vacation, Sick & Public Holidays)
  • Training & Development
  • Work From Home

Company Details

NeoReach is a cloud influencer marketing solution that allows brands to run end-to-end influencer marketing campaigns. Brands can either deploy the marketplace internally within their company or leverage NeoReach's open marketplace. The company has raised over $1.5 million USD in venture capital funding.

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