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  • Company: 
    Compensation (if public)
    Commission only
    Social Media
    Sales Geographic Territory
    Average Deal Size $ MRR/ARR
    ICPs to Target
    Restaurants, bar, hotels, dental, orthodontics, dispensaries.
    Company HQ
    Culver City, CA USA
    Inbound Leads?
    Possible Equity?
    Date Published
    March 1, 2024

Position Details

BuzzyBooth is seeking a highly motivated and results-driven Sales Representative with experience in generating leads and selling to businesses. (We target restaurants, bar, hotels, dental, orthodontics, canabis and dispensaries). As a Sales Representative, you will play a crucial role in driving sales growth by building strong relationships with business owners, managers, and decision-makers, and promoting our products and services. Your ability to identify prospects, effectively communicate product benefits, and close deals will be essential to your success in this role.Responsibilities:Lead generation: Utilize various methods such as cold calling, networking, online research, and industry directories to identify and qualify potential leads in the industry that we sell to. Take initiative in finding new opportunities and building a robust pipeline of prospects.Prospecting and outreach: Initiate contact with business owners, managers, and key stakeholders through phone calls, emails, and in-person visits. Present our offerings, highlight their value proposition, and schedule appointments for product demonstrations or further discussions.Product presentations and demonstrations: Showcase a strong understanding of our products and services, emphasizing the features and benefits that are most relevant to the business. Customize presentations to address specific pain points and challenges faced by the industry you're selling to.Relationship building: Establish and nurture strong relationships with business owners, managers, and decision-makers. Understand their needs, preferences, and goals, and offer tailored solutions that meet their requirements.Sales negotiations: Conduct effective sales negotiations by presenting competitive pricing, terms, and agreements to close deals. Address objections, overcome obstacles, and articulate the value proposition of our products and services.Sales pipeline management: Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all leads, prospects, and sales activities in the CRM system. Regularly update the sales pipeline, forecast sales, and provide progress reports to the sales manager.Stay informed about industry trends: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, regulations, and competitive landscape in the industry. Continuously expand your knowledge of the industry products, strains, consumption methods, and emerging market trends.Qualifications:Proven experience in sales, preferably in the related industry.Strong track record of meeting and exceeding sales targets.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.Ability to build rapport quickly and establish long-term relationships.Self-motivated and driven to succeed in a competitive sales environment.Solid negotiation and persuasion abilities.Proficient in using CRM software and other sales tools.Ability to work independently and manage time effectively.

Company Details

BuzzyBooth  is a smart photo marketing platform for businesses and brands. The kiosks  allow users to take fun branded photos to share immediately on their social  media, thus turning customers into brand advocates.     92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any  other forms of advertisements, BuzzyBooth provides a tool for the customers  to easily promote for the business through personal visual contents. It has  proven to help businesses increase social media exposure, gain new followers,  promote brands' message, and leverage customers' friends and network.    Current customers include some of the top brands such as Clarins, Hard Rock  Caf√©, Orange Theory Gym, Broadway San Jose, and HBO.

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