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    April 24, 2024

Position Details

Kickstart your journey with Startupz

Are you an English-speaking sales professional with a solid grasp of modern web SaaS? If you thrive in a fast-paced environment where you can make a significant impact, this could be the perfect job for you. This might just be the rollercoaster ride you’ve been looking for!

Sales Representative Role

As a Sales Representative, you'll drive inbound sales growth and identify new leads primarily through an inbound client approach. In this dynamic, ever-changing environment, your focus will be on showcasing the benefits of our SaaS Source Code Escrow platform while providing excellent customer service.

Your main tasks will Include:

  • Advising customers on potential solutions and building strong relationships through excellent customer service.
  • Preparing email sequences and promptly responding to customer emails in a professional manner.
  • Identifying and contacting new leads through inbound channels, following up via email or phone.
  • A/B testing different approaches to optimize results and improve conversion rates.
  • Conducting online platform demos to showcase our products' benefits and features.
  • Creating and negotiating offers to close deals with potential customers.
  • Upselling to active customers by identifying additional value and benefits.

Meet Startupz!

We are a tech-driven company that modernizes escrow services for the cloud era. Our state-of-the-art software escrow solutions eliminate third-party risks and provide peace of mind to software developers and customers. Based in the Netherlands, we embrace a remote-first approach.

What can you expect form us?

Dive into an environment filled with enthusiasm and laughter!

  • Thrive in a realm pulsating with boundless energy and opportunities!
  • Engage in exciting collaborations and spirited team activities!
  • Enjoy a mindful onboarding with ample time to learn and adapt!
  • Be part of a listening, approachable team valuing open communication!
  • Direct feedback and the opportunity to make a real impact

Is This You?

You’re a dynamo, brimming with energy, ready to face challenges head-on, and have an unyielding passion for seeing tasks through to completion.

Your Skills & Journey:

  • Seasoned Sales Pro: With 1-2 years in sales, you’ve demonstrated your prowess in smashing targets and setting the bar high!
  • Communication Maestro: Your English, both written and verbal, builds bridges, establishes trust, and creates lasting rapport with clients.
  • Problem-Solving Whiz: You have a keen eye for pinpointing customer pain points and crafting effective, tailored solutions.
  • Tech-Savvy Explorer: Navigating various technology platforms and tools is your second nature.
  • Time Management Virtuoso: Your impeccable organizational skills enable you to juggle tasks effectively and meet those deadlines and targets.
  • Positive Powerhouse: You radiate positivity, adapt to shifts, excel under pressure, and synergize seamlessly with your team.
  • Demo Enthusiast: Conducting online demos is your playground, turning features into feelings.
  • Diverse Experience Holder: Your journey encompasses working with a spectrum of companies and industries, understanding the diverse tapestry of the business world.

Ready to Apply? Here’s How!

Craft an application that paints a picture of you embracing this role in the future. Dive into the essence of our work and introduce yourself not just as a candidate, but as a prospective colleague. Feel free to express yourself in either Dutch or English.

We’re excited to see how you see yourself contributing to our journey and becoming a part of our vibrant team!



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