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    Compensation (if public)
    $15 an hour
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    Date Published
    June 27, 2024

Position Details

Sales Extraordinaire

Shopwindow is looking for salespeople to help bring our revolutionary software right to the doors of small businesses. We live in a society where small businesses struggle to keep up with the large corporations. They don’t have the resources to stay engaged with their customers in the way Amazon or Wayfair does. What if there was a software that did just that and more? There is! And you can experience major wins both professionally and personally as you're getting it out there.

Who are we?

Shopwindow is a Touchpoint Marketing Software. It is a game changing innovative technology that empowers small businesses with intelligent customer experience capabilities. Shopwindow furiously grows companies lead acquisition, rapidly speeds up buyers time to purchase, massively increases conversion rates all while requiring minimum resources. It is the breakthrough that gives Fortune 500 capabilities to local businesses at pennies on the dollar. It is the product that small businesses have been waiting for.

Who are you?

We’re looking for an extreme personality. An artistically creative, highly-energetic person, who is both gut-driven & data-driven. A person to create awareness, drive up a level of interest that intrigues a buyer to want to meet online for 30 minutes to understand more about our new wave promotional technology and techniques for small to medium businesses . This person will be the first point of contact for prospecting and qualifying potential clients to help our sales team build a full pipeline.

What will you be doing:

  • Bring Shopwindow software right to the hands of target market prospective clients. Some of our current clients include pet stores, spas, family entertainment centers, and more.
  • We will guide you with a target market and prospective clients, but you will have the freedom to expand your business. There is no ceiling here.
  • Sharing and demonstrating the value of our Shopwindow software by sharing a convincing, but authentic pitch to prospective clients.
  • Bringing the gold to clients by showing them exactly how our software would transform their customer interaction experience, speed up purchase time, and generate increased revenue.
  • Booking software demos for prospective clients to see our product in action on their own websites.

Who are we looking for?

At least 1 year of sales experience selling to businesses

What we offer:

Join us to make a direct impact on both local businesses and your own career. Sales is probably the last bastion of the wild west frontier that can get you from nothing to everything. If you are empathetic and hardworking and goal driven, you will have unlimited opportunity for personal and professional development and growth.

Want a career path?

How about in 18 months you run a team of salespeople while opening up your own office in any city in the world? If you can do it we can do it together no problem. The work is fast-paced, exciting, and flexible. We’ll provide you with the tools, resources, and outstanding leadership to take your career to the next level. We offer your hourly and commission pay structures with bonus incentives throughout the sales process.

If you’re excited to pave your own entrepreneurial path, want to help customers solve big problems, and are not afraid of a work hard and play hard mindset in a savvy style, we want to meet you!

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $15.00 per hour

Expected hours: 20 per week


  • Flexible schedule
  • Work from home

Compensation package:

  • Commission pay

Experience level:

  • 1 year


  • 4 hour shift
  • Choose your own hours

Application Question(s):

  • In a brief sentence, tell us what products and industries you have experience selling into, and what role of the person you were selling to.

Work Location: Remote

Company Details

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