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  • Company: 
    Be Bold Events
    Compensation (if public)
    $13 - $20 an hour
    Sales Geographic Territory
    Average Deal Size $ MRR/ARR
    ICPs to Target
    Company HQ
    Inbound Leads?
    Possible Equity?
    Date Published
    June 24, 2024

Position Details

Job Overview:

We are seeking a dynamic Sales and Marketing Manager to join our team. The ideal candidate will be responsible for driving sales growth through innovative marketing strategies and effective sales techniques.

As a Marketing Associate, you will be instrumental in crafting and executing marketing strategies that resonate with our audience and amplify our brand’s message.
Develop and manage social media content across various platforms, ensuring consistent brand messaging and engagement.
Design and implement targeted marketing campaigns to promote our retreats and events.
Utilize word-of-mouth marketing techniques to organically grow our brand presence.
Create compelling mailers and email marketing content to keep our community informed and excited about upcoming opportunities.
Collaborate with influencers and thought leaders to expand our reach and impact.
Analyze market trends and adjust strategies accordingly to optimize results.
Engage with our community through direct communication channels, fostering a strong brand-customer relationship.


- Develop and implement strategic marketing plans to achieve sales targets
- Conduct market research to identify new opportunities and consumer preferences
- Manage advertising campaigns across various platforms
- Oversee content marketing initiatives to drive engagement and lead generation
- Collaborate with the sales team to develop effective sales strategies
- Utilize performance marketing techniques to optimize ROI
- Create compelling copy for marketing materials and campaigns
- Utilize Adobe Creative Suite for design projects
- Manage E-commerce platforms to drive online sales
- Maintain and update company website using WordPress


- Proven experience in Google Analytics and SEO strategies
- Strong background in content marketing and performance marketing
- Proficiency in market research and consumer behavior analysis
- Experience in advertising sales and copywriting
- Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite for design projects
- Proficient in managing E-commerce platforms and driving online sales
- Previous experience in sales roles is a plus

This position offers competitive compensation and the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, innovative environment. If you have a passion for sales, marketing, and driving business growth, we encourage you to apply.

Job Types: Contract, Temporary

Pay: $13.00 - $20.00 per hour

Expected hours: 10 – 20 per week


  • 4 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Weekends as needed


  • Marketing: 1 year (Required)

Work Location: Remote

Company Details

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