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    HR Ingenuity
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    $49,272 - $56,703 a year
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    Date Published
    June 26, 2024

Position Details


1. Proven marketing leadership experience, ideally within the e-commerce in fashion/apparel


2. Comprehensive knowledge of market analysis, brand management, digital advertising, social

media strategy, SEO, and e-commerce optimization.

3. Start-up and growth strategy experience ranging from 1M to 10M

USA/Canada/Europe/Korea/Japan markets

4. Exceptional ability to develop and manage advertising strategies and campaigns.

5. Excellent communication, negotiation, and team management skills.

6. Analytical and strategic thinking focusing on metrics, optimization, and ROI.

7. Proficiency in CRM, content management systems, SEO tools, and data analysis software.

8. Master’s degree in Marketing, Business Administration, or a relevant field preferred.


Leadgen Department

Market and Competitor Analysis Function

● Market Insights: Continuously gather and analyze market trends, customer behavior,

and industry changes to inform strategic planning.

● Competitive Intelligence: Conduct in-depth competitor analyses to identify market

opportunities and threats, guiding brand positioning strategies.

● Benchmark & competitor analysis & implementation of the best fitted for the


Assortment Matrix Strategy Function

● Linesheet Management: Regularly update and maintain linesheets, ensuring they

reflect current market trends and consumer demand.

● Product Positioning Strategy: Develop strategies for product placement and

promotion within the assortment to maximize sales and market appeal.

● Identify high margin best sellers and ensure all the time we have this items to sell

Advertising Strategies (Paid Ads & Paid Social)

● Hypothesis Testing: Develop and test hypotheses based on market insights and

previous campaign data to guide advertising strategy.

● Traffic Optimization: Utilize advanced analytics to optimize ad traffic, focusing on

improving engagement and conversion rates.

● Scaling Strategies: Identify successful campaigns for scaling, applying strategic

investment to maximize reach and impact.

Advertising Launch and Control

● Campaign Management: Oversee the development and execution of advertising

campaigns across digital platforms, ensuring brand consistency.

● Performance Analysis: Monitor and analyze campaign performance, adjusting

strategies in real-time to optimize results.

● Engagement Monitoring: Implement effective comment management strategies to

enhance engagement and address customer feedback.

● Reporting: Ensure we have up-to-date reporting system

Social Media Department

Social Media Publication Function

● Content Development: Direct the creation of engaging and high-quality content for

platforms such as YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels, aiming for

maximum organic reach and engagement.

● Text Creation: Oversee the crafting of compelling and brand-aligned texts to

accompany social media posts and campaigns.

● Content Strategy: Manage the overall content strategy for social media, ensuring a

consistent and engaging brand presence.

● Content calendar: Manage the up-to-date content calendar 1 month in advance

Communication with Subscribers on Social Networks and Messengers Function

● Engagement Strategies: Develop and implement strategies to effectively

communicate with subscribers, encouraging active participation and loyalty.

● Feedback Management: Establish systems for collecting and responding to

subscriber feedback, using insights to improve brand offerings and customer


Bloggers & Influencers Function

● Strategic Partnerships: Cultivate relationships with influencers and bloggers to create

collaborative content that aligns with the brand’s sales goals and marketing strategy.

● Campaign Execution: Manage and monitor influencer campaigns, ensuring they meet

performance benchmarks and contribute positively to sales objectives.

● ROI Analysis: Evaluate the effectiveness of blogger and influencer partnerships

through comprehensive ROI analysis, adjusting strategies for future collaborations.

Analytics Function

● Data Collection and Visualization: Ensure timely, accurate collection and visualization

of sales and marketing data from social media, providing insights for strategic


● Technique Application: Guide the social media department in employing the most

effective techniques to attract new clients, based on data-driven insights.

● Reporting: Ensure we have up-to-date reporting system

SEO-Promotion Department

● Publication Optimization: Enhance the reach of online publications through targeted

SEO strategies, increasing visibility and attracting new audiences.

● Subscriber Growth: Utilize SEO tactics to grow the base of owner-subscribers,

focusing on long-term engagement and conversion.

Website Optimization & Conversion Rate Increase

● Site Performance Optimization: Implement changes to the website to improve user

experience, speed, and conversion rates.

● Search Engine Rankings: Strategically target top priority search queries to improve the

brand’s visibility on Bing and Google, driving increased organic traffic.

E-mail Marketing

● Campaign Development: Design and execute email marketing campaigns that

effectively communicate brand messages and drive sales.

● Performance Tracking: Monitor email campaign performance, utilizing data to refine

tactics and enhance overall sales outcomes.

Content Department

● Content Development: Oversee the creation of high-quality, engaging content tailored

for social media and company websites to enhance discoverability and engagement.

● Content Distribution: Ensure content is effectively distributed across platforms to

reach the target audience and achieve marketing objectives.

Content Strategy Function

● Platform Expansion: Develop strategies to expand the brand’s presence across

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter, focusing on media


● Audience Reach: Implement initiatives to increase the reach of publications, thereby

attracting new clients and growing the company’s audience base.

● Sales: Conversion the followers into revenue

Social Media Video Editing Function

● Video Production: Direct the production of business-oriented video content that

meets high standards of editing for external platforms, ensuring content drives

engagement and brand awareness.

● Content Standards: Establish video content guidelines to ensure consistency and

quality, facilitating maximum viewer engagement.

Graphic Design Creation Function

● Visual Branding: Lead the design of all graphic elements for the company, ensuring

visual assets are aligned with brand identity and suitable for integration into various


● Design Innovation: Encourage innovation in graphic design to keep the brand’s visual

presentation fresh and engaging.

Photo Function

● Photography Direction: Guide the creation of photo materials that enhance product

understanding, evoke emotional responses, and are actively used in sales

(campaigns, lookbooks, street style, catalogs, virtual photos).

● Emotional Engagement: Ensure photography captures the essence of the brand,

stimulating a connection with the audience and encouraging sales.

● Photo Shooting: organization of photosessions from the beginning to the result

Content Library

● Content Management: Establish and maintain a well-organized content library on

Google Drive, ensuring timely updates and logical structuring of all visual and editorial


● Accessibility: Implement guidelines for content access within prescribed time limits,

facilitating efficient use by the marketing team.


Marketplace Sales Function

● Marketplace Expansion: Strategically expand the brand’s presence on high-profit

marketplaces, ensuring product listings are optimized for visibility and sales.

● Profitability Management: Monitor sales performance on marketplaces to ensure the

company’s income exceeds expenses, aligning with growth plans.

● Reporting: Ensure we have up-to-date reporting system

Wholesale Buyers Function

● Revenue Growth: Actively seek and develop relationships with new and existing

wholesale buyers, expanding the brand’s reach into profitable markets.

● Financial Planning: Ensure that wholesale operations contribute to the company’s

financial health, with income surpassing expenses according to the strategic growth


● Reporting: Ensure we have up-to-date reporting system

Offline Stores Function

● Brand Visibility: Enhance brand awareness through offline store presence, employing

marketing strategies that attract and retain customers.

● Revenue Management: Oversee the financial performance of offline stores, ensuring

profitability with revenue exceeding operational expenses.

● Reporting: Ensure we have up-to-date reporting system

Shopify Sales Function

● E-commerce Optimization: Lead the development and optimization of the Shopify

platform to ensure a high-converting, user-friendly online shopping experience.

● Profitability Focus: Monitor and enhance the financial performance of the Shopify

site, aiming for profitability through optimized sales strategies and customer


● Reporting: Ensure we have up-to-date reporting system

CRM Function

● Database Management: Ensure the customer database is accurately maintained, with

up-to-date contact information and timely data entry.

● Customer Engagement: Utilize CRM data to segment and target customers

effectively, supporting personalized marketing campaigns and promotions.

Service Standards:

● Achievement of sales targets and marketing objectives within budget.

● Increased brand visibility and market share.

● High engagement rates on paid advertising and social media campaigns.

● Timely execution of marketing campaigns and initiatives.

● Significant growth in brand visibility and audience engagement across all digital platforms.

● Successful achievement of sales targets through strategic marketing initiatives.

● High conversion rates from digital and content marketing efforts.

● Innovation and consistency in content creation and distribution, ensuring the brand remains

at the forefront of industry trends.

KPIs you focus on

● ROAS 5

● Cost per purchase CAC $70

● Returning customer rate 30%

● Marginality

● Sales target (+15% growth monthly)

● Online store conversion rate 1%

● Average order value $350

Preferable to have

● Traffic-to-Lead Ratio: The percentage of website visitors who become leads. This KPI

measures the effectiveness of website and content marketing strategies in capturing

potential customers.

● Lead-to-Customer Ratio: The percentage of leads that convert into paying customers. It

evaluates the efficiency of the sales funnel and the sales team's effectiveness.

● Churn Rate: The percentage of customers who stop doing business with the e-commerce

site over a specific period. A lower churn rate indicates higher customer retention.

● Social Media Engagement: The level of interaction and participation the company receives

on its social media platforms. This includes likes, shares, comments, and other forms of


● Email Marketing Performance: Metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and conversion

rate from email campaigns. These KPIs help in understanding the effectiveness of email

marketing strategies.

● Cart Abandonment Rate: The percentage of shoppers who add items to their cart but do not

complete the purchase. Reducing this rate is a key objective for improving sales.

Daily Actions:

● Analyze market trends and competitor activities.

● Review and adjust advertising strategies based on performance data.

● Collaborate with the product team on assortment planning and linesheet updates.

● Lead team meetings to align on goals, strategies, and progress.

● Engage with key stakeholders to ensure marketing strategies are fully integrated with overall

business objectives.

● Coordinate with sales and marketing teams to align strategies and objectives across all


● Review sales and financial performance reports, identifying opportunities for growth and

areas for improvement.

● Guide the implementation of CRM strategies to enhance customer engagement and


● Monitor the e-commerce platform's performance, implementing optimizations as needed to improve user experience and conversion rates

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Pay: $49,272.00 - $56,703.00 per year


  • 8 hour shift

Travel requirement:

  • No travel

Work Location: Remote

Company Details

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