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    June 24, 2024

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We create psychological training programs for student-athletes. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to reach out to schools (high schools and universities) and sell our suite of programs to them. The programs include mental training specifically tailored to basketball, golf, soccer, MMA/boxing, and we are currently adding football, baseball, softball, and volleyball. Beyond that, every student will also receive a program that helps them achieve better grades.


The company was founded by me, Dillon Freed. I'm a one-man show for the most part. I hold a BA in psychology and an MS in cognitive neuroscience. I will be in charge of creating the products, running the websites, and managing most social media.


We want to make mental training for sports as common as stretching to get loose. To provide the next best thing to personalized psychology training for athletes, and that is, programs tailored to individual athletes' sports. We want 10 million athletes worldwide to use our programs.


- You must believe in the "Rule of 100" - that is, reaching out and speaking with 100 schools, coaches, athletic directors, etc., per day. We will sell to anywhere in the world.

- You must be willing to undergo sales training and implement that training immediately.

- You must be able to build relationships with a variety of people and keep your clients happy.


This is commission-based only. We will sell our package to schools for $2,500 per year (and we can negotiate down from there). All athletes will get an account to access their sports-specific program as well as a program to help improve grades. Every student in the school, athlete or not, will also receive access to these programs. The programs will be available on desktop and in the app.

Commission Rates: 40%, $1,000 per school sign-up for you. For example, if you signed up 100 schools in your first year at $2,500 each, you would receive approximately $100,000 in income per year. Now keep in mind, this will be annual if our clients stay on board, year to year. Thus, if in the second year, you add another 100 schools, and no client canceled from the previous year, you would now have 200 schools that you would receive commission on.

There will also be bonuses and gifts for meeting goals.

Programs will also be translated into Spanish, French, and other languages. So if you are bilingual, the number of schools we can reach increases further.


I'm looking for someone hungry, who wants to build something big from the ground up. I'm looking for someone with a killer instinct and a drive to be the best salesperson in the world. I'm looking for someone smart, willing to learn, and absolutely fearless and bold. Someone not afraid of long hours, and not afraid of a challenge! Someone excited by the mission. If this is you, please apply.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $1.00 - $150,000.00 per year

Expected hours: No less than 40 per week

Compensation package:

  • Bonus opportunities
  • Commission only
  • Commission pay
  • Performance bonus
  • Profit sharing
  • Uncapped commission
  • Yearly bonus


  • 8 hour shift

Travel requirement:

  • Up to 25% travel
  • Up to 50% travel


  • Driver's License (Preferred)


  • Florida (Required)

Work Location: Remote

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