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  • Company: 
    Advance Marketing
    Compensation (if public)
    $3,850 - $11,000 a month
    Sales Geographic Territory
    Average Deal Size $ MRR/ARR
    ICPs to Target
    Company HQ
    Inbound Leads?
    Possible Equity?
    Date Published
    July 3, 2024

Position Details


  • Close Zoom calls with warm leads that are pre-scheduled on your calendar.
  • Meet or exceed monthly sales targets and performance metrics.


  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in remote sales, with a proven track record of closing high-ticket items.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills to build rapport with potential clients.
  • Availability Monday to Saturday from 4pm to 9pm EST
  • Familiarity with digital marketing products and services is a plus.

Compensation is completely uncapped and paid out weekly with seasoned closers having the ability to rapidly build their book of business and generate high residual commissions. Please note this is a 100% commission pay-out only position. Ideal for someone looking to pick up additional part time hours, or for a motivated 'go-getter' looking to make a name for themselves.

Close rate has proven high with our extremely competitive and differentiated offer within the digital marketing industry.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

Pay: $3,850.00 - $11,000.00 per month

Expected hours: 30 – 45 per week


  • Work from home

Compensation package:

  • Commission pay


  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekends as needed

Travel requirement:

  • No travel

Work Location: Remote

Company Details

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