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  • Company: 
    Compensation (if public)
    Base salary (monthly retainer) plus commission
    Sales Geographic Territory
    Average Deal Size $ MRR/ARR
    ICPs to Target
    7-9 figure DTC brands and ecommerce retailers, targeting CEO/Founder, CMO, VP/Director of Marketing, VP/Director of Ecom
    Company HQ
    San Diego, CA USA
    Inbound Leads?
    Possible Equity?
    Date Published
    March 1, 2024

Position Details

We believe that in a world of digital overload, customers crave genuine connections and delightful experiences.Our fun, smart, and driven team is passionate about delivering on this mission and helping our users succeed.Our proprietary platform and robotic technology creates individually personalized, postcards and handwritten cards that are indistinguishable from real human handwriting. Our postcards are a huge hit with ecommerce stores, helping them reach more of their customers as email engagement declines, CPCs increase, and iOS makes it harder to target your customers online. Our handwritten tech is popular among real estate agents and investors and other B2B and B2C salespeople (insurance agents, financial advisors, nonprofit administrators, automotive sales and more) for prospecting new leads (sellers), as well as nurturing existing relationships and getting referrals. Both offerings consistently generate exponentially better results than traditional direct mail.You'll be responsible for building a list of potential candidates using online research and tools (we have Zoominfo), tracking them in our CRM, and implementing a comprehensive outreach strategy to introduce our product and book a demo, qualify them for follow up from one of our account managers, or potentially even close a sale.Our approach is consultative, not hard selling. We want to sound genuine, positive, and personal. We value quality over quantity -- your success is measured on engagement and outcomes, not on outreach volume.Are you a seasoned pro at tracking down relevant prospects and a multi-touch approach via Linkedin, email, and phone?Do you have any experience selling to ecommerce stores and our target customer?Have you sold software products before?Are you driven to exceed expectations?If you've got experience driving growth for SAAS with a comprehensive sales strategy, we'd love to talk.

Company Details

We  believe that in a world of digital overload, your customers crave tangible  connections with your brand.    PostPilot is direct mail made for DTC/ecommerce. Our platform makes it a  cinch to send one-off and lifecycle postcard marketing campaigns.    Think Klaviyo for postcards.    80% of your customers don't open your emails or are not subscribed. The iOS  update is making Facebook harder than ever to reach your customers while  competition is still driving up CPCs & CAC.    PostPilot cuts through the digital clutter. Our individually personalized  cards get a nearly 100% read rate, typically for less than the cost of a  click.    Hundreds of 7-9 figure customers (mostly Shopify/Shopify Plus stores like  Bulletproof, Boom,, Taylor Stitch) consistently achieve 1000%+  ROIs on their campaigns, driving incremental revenue, LTV, and profits.

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