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Standing out online has never been harder. Recent reports by Statistica have revealed the battle for consumer attention being waged by both small-scale startups and mature organizations alike. 60 seconds on the web looks like mayhem: there’s been more than 500 hours of content uploaded to YouTube; almost 700,000 stories shared on Instagram; and an nearly 200 million emails sent - all in the time it took you to read this first paragraph.

Keeping up with the SaaS industry’s headstrong growth demands a strategy that cuts through the fray. Whether it’s engaging case studies or educational blogs for end-users, your marketing copy can be either a precise component to your customer purchase funnel - or a drop of water in an ocean of content.

Below is a roundup of some of the Best AI Copywriting Tools for SaaS to kickstart your content marketing efforts.

AI Copywriting: The Cutting Edge of Marketing Content

AI copywriting has one goal - to build a persuasive, engaging piece of content that guides a prospective customer toward your solution. Whereas you benefit from hard-working, fast-firing neurons, a copywriting algorithm instead relies on Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP combines computational linguistics with statistical, deep learning models. For example, computational linguistics allows the AI to identify ‘Fred’ as a name, whilst AI sentiment analysis identifies ‘Elon Musk’ as an egomaniacal billionaire.

With language broken down and intelligently categorized, it becomes possible for machine learning to stride towards AI’s Mt Everest - Natural Language Generation (NLG). Sophisticated NLG software - such as that driving the copywriting tools below - are able to mine large quantities of numerical data, identify patterns within that data, then replicate that format in unique and engaging ways.

How AI Copywriting Can Transform Your Marketing

Producing high-performance marketing materials at scale can be daunting. Not only do you need to know exactly what your audience is looking for to keep them engaged - you also need to appease the whims of a stubbornly opaque search engine algorithm.

A key benefit delivered by AI copywriting tools is its inherent focus on data. The best AI-generated copy begins with you providing data about your target audience. This can include pain points, specific industries, and interests. By prioritizing this data throughout the content creation process, an AI copywriter can play into your target audience’s specific quirks with incredible accuracy.

The reams of marketing material being unloaded onto the world wide web can now become fodder for your marketing strategy’s ace card. By analyzing what material is already out there and performing well, the content generated by an AI copywriting tool can hit SEO targets with pinpoint accuracy.

The speed with which this software analyzes and replicates successful formats makes it particularly powerful for time-sensitive content. It also unlocks far greater efficiency, with AI copywriters taking only seconds to create thousands of words of content. This fosters rapid results throughout the sales funnel, leading to faster lead creation and qualification.

Ultimately, the speed and precision offered by AI copywriting tools pave the way for a higher ROI on your marketing spend.

Key Considerations

The role of an AI copywriter will look different for every organization; some use them as a tool to kickstart projects, whilst others choose to post AI content verbatim onto the internet. Generally, however, quality human copywriters still play a vital role in crafting the perfect copy. See here for our list of SaaSBoost-verified copywriters.

By boosting the output of dedicated copywriters, your SaaS solution can benefit from the speed and precision of automated tools, whilst reaping all the benefits of personalized, stylish marketing copy. There are dozens of different AI tools in this rapidly-developing market; to help find the best fit for you, here are the top 10.

If you are going to engage in AI Copywriting tools for Content Marketing, it also makes sense to look at AI Detection tools. Google may be able to detect and end up penalizing websites for AI and Chat GPT produced content. Check out the Best AI Detector Tools Roundup for a breakdown and comparison of options to detect produced content. AI tools may be great for ideation and first drafts, but at times you may want to consider human rewrites and edits if SEO is important.

The 10 Best AI Copywriting Tools

Free Trial: Yes

Price per month: $49

More writing assistant than solo creator, represents a fantastic all-round remedy to writer’s block and stunted marketing attempts. It specializes in almost every form of content imaginable, including content for websites, sales letters, landing pages, social media posts, and even marketing emails. By simply selecting a format, and providing a few choice keywords or phrases, can provide easy-to-read in depth pieces - or just some ideas to get you started.


Free Trial: Yes

Price per month; $25 per writer

Whilst other AI copywriting tools primarily aid in the creation of catchy short form content, Moonbeam’s AI is trained specifically on longform content. This makes it an ideal choice for essays, stories, articles and blogs. Its research tool can quickly provide marketing writers with a concise outline, saving time by providing in-depth research at the push of a button.

Neuron Writer

Free Trial: No

Pricing per month: €19 for basic plan

When all your content ideas have run dry, Neuron Writer is just getting started. By suggesting words or phrases that dominate your competitors’ top-ranking spots, this tool can help you write high-ranking content that keeps you at pace with industry leaders. Even as you create those articles on its user-friendly platform, Neuron Writer provides suggestions for phrasing and keywords, allowing consistent high-ranking copywriting throughout an entire piece.


Free Trial: No

Pricing: N/A, demo required

Automated Insights’ Wordsmith platform focuses purely on data analysis and technical write-ups. The platform boasts an ability to turn anyone into a data expert, requiring only the input of your own raw data to produce a compelling narrative. Saving its clients hours in data processing and interpretation, there are a few drawbacks. For instance, its dashboard can be overwhelming, packing a steep learning curve, and initial setup can be a headache.


Free Trial: Yes

Price per month: $47

This tool is highly competitor-focused, tailoring keyword and SEO suggestions around your organization’s own competitors. With a single focus word, Scalenut can provide full-fledged content reports that guarantee high rankings and close engagement. Alongside cutting-edge NLP training, Scalenut is one of the few AI-driven tools that also recognises the importance of human input. Their on-call human writers help deliver a personal edge to your content that sends it stratospheric.


Free Trial: Yes

Price per month: $9.99

Wordtune is unique in this list thanks to their plug-and-play approach. Existing primarily as a browser extension or Microsoft Word add-on, Wordtune analyzes the writing you do in real-time, suggesting SEO-friendly rephrasing and rewording that doesn’t sacrifice tone or style. Whether on a free or premium plan, Wordtune allows you to level up your writing. This tool is best for marketers who still want the creative freedom to write their own copy - whilst still receiving a boost in SEO and linguistic performance.


Free Trial: Yes

Price per month: $39

GoCharlie is one of the newest AI writing tools on this list. It’s a tool that understands the reality of modern cross-platform marketing: the blog wizard helps create longform content with just a few keywords, whilst its social media suite keeps a handle on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram ads and captions. Gocharlie’s image tool turns text into 4K, whilst also offering automated product descriptions based on image inputs. Finally, it can turn insightful youtube videos you’ve already written into engaging, SEO-friendly blog posts.


Free trial: No

Price per month: $44.99

Promising to put your content creation efforts on steroids, Frase is backed with a wealth of Capterra reviews. If content briefs are what you’re looking to prioritize, Frase allows you to generate full-length, competitor-minded briefs in only 6 seconds. It allows you to review the keywords, headers and themes within your competitor’s content, alongside creating and storing your own brief templates on an intuitive workflow.

Again angled toward the creative marketer, Frase’s NGL capabilities center around rewriting and strengthening the quality of pre-written copy. Its text editing platform is intuitive, and Frase’s analytics dashboard connects up to your Google Search Console data. This allows it to serve up actionable insights, such as identifying high-growth keywords that you haven’t yet spotted.


Free Trial: yes

Price per month: $82

Another cross-platform content giant, Jasper (which used to be called Jarvis) boasts an incredibly flexible AI that can operate across both in-platform templates and as a browser extension. Its starter program offers a wealth of 50 different templates, where you simply input the platform you’re posting on, along with a few key ideas or themes you want to convey. Jasper then does the rest, offering two or three options that you pick the best of. Its API offers integration with SEO tools such as Surfer, and its AI is trained with real high-conversion ad copy.


Free trial: yes

Price per month: $32

With a focus on streamlined and sleek user experience, Writesonic’s platform supports high-output, precise marketing copy. By first selecting a template, and then supplying a few lines of description, Writesonic then provides a number of copy samples for you to choose from.

With a number of templates that span the width of blogs, Facebook ads, Google Ads, Quora answers, and cold-open sales emails, Writesonic is a fantastic tool for automating some of marketing’s more mundane tasks.


Free trial: yes

Price per month: $57

WordAI is another tool that recognises some of AI’s creative limitations. Instead of producing wholly unique content, this solution empowers your team to produce the best content possible. The rewriter takes content you’ve already created, and uses its NLP AI to make it more streamlined, smarter, and better-optimized for search engines.

If required, this tool can totally restructure your sentences and paragraphs, prioritizing comprehension and accessibility. WordAI is also able to automatically add keywords; switch words around and add synonyms for a more varied reading experience; and fix any spelling and grammar oversights. Offering up to 1,000 rewrites per article, WordAI also allows for bulk article rewriting and exports. Finally, the HTML behind all your WordAI articles is accessible, alongside its API, should you fancy integrating it with any other software.

Alternative to AI Copywriting Tools - SaaS Content Marketing Agency

AI Copywriting tools can be a great time saver in jumpstarting the writing process and creating content for your SaaS. Still don't have the time or expertise to fully take on a content marketing plan for your SaaS? Consider a SaaS Content Marketing agency like and a "done for you" content marketing service. caters specifically to early stage SaaS companies looking to drive demand and demos by targeting long tail, high intent keywords and producing content like comparison pages and posts, Product Roundup posts and tutorials to support Competitive Attack Campaigns, Identify Anonymous Website Visitors, and Outsourced SDR services for follow up on engaged accounts.

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