Part Time, Flexible SaaS Sales Reps for Hire

Job Role:
Sales Management/Consulting
Job Type:
Job Description:
Responsible for hiring, training, managing a sales organization and building a repeatable and scalable sales process
Business Analyst with working history in Quality and DevOps, Self-driven and motivated to develop new technology solutions. (Draw Ideas To Real)
Current Position: 
Founder at Back Office For Businesses
Years of Experience:
Sales Tech Stack:
Sales Awards:
Key Sales Clients:
1099 or W2?
W2 Required
Compensation Requirements:
Base and Commission
SaaS Market Experience:
Business Intelligence
Construction Management
Customer Support/Onboarding
Data Analytics

Manage, Lead, and Grow your business through obtaining your custom-made mobile application and website menu, designed around your specific requirements to ensure fulfilling not only your business needs but also your customers satisfaction and loyalty

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