Part Time, Flexible SaaS Sales Reps for Hire

Job Role:
Sales Management/Consulting
Demand Generation
Job Type:
Job Description:
Responsible for hiring, training, managing a sales organization and building a repeatable and scalable sales process
Responsible for marketing programs aimed at generating sales leads
Senior Sales Strategist - Sales Strategy, Forecasting, New Business Development
Current Position: 
Senior Sales Strategist
Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States
Years of Experience:
Sales Tech Stack:
Hubspot, Google Suite, Data Scraper, Zoominfo, Apollo, Phone Burner
Sales Awards:
Key Sales Clients:
Please reach out to me for more information and references
1099 or W2?
Open to 1099 Only
Compensation Requirements:
Base and Commission
SaaS Market Experience:
Construction Management
Customer Support/Onboarding
HR Software
Project Management
Social Media
With a background deeply rooted in both sales and marketing, my experience as a strategist has equipped me with a unique skill set that effortlessly bridges the gap between these two pivotal domains. I've honed my craft in market analysis, customer profiling, and sales funnel management, ensuring that our strategies are finely tuned to meet the precise needs of our target audience at every stage of their journey. Content strategy and lead generation techniques? They're my bread and butter. And when it comes to leveraging CRM systems, data analytics, and developing compelling sales collateral, I've got it covered. I specialize in fostering seamless collaboration between sales and marketing teams, ensuring that our combined efforts result in remarkable success. From budget management to conversion optimization, I've worn many hats in this dynamic landscape, always with a focus on delivering tangible results. My experience has taught me the art of integrating marketing campaigns with sales seamlessly, harmonizing messaging, timing, and follow-up for maximum impact. In a nutshell, my role as a strategist is about uniting the forces of sales and marketing to drive exceptional customer engagement, lead generation, and, ultimately, revenue growth.

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